CSUN Students European Travel

August 4, 2014

Group shot of faculty and students participating European travel

In June 2014, Dr. Donal O’Sullivan of the History Department and Dr. Jody Myers of Jewish Studies led a group of students on a two week trip to Poland and Lithuania to explore the impacts of twentieth century history in Eastern Europe.  Eight History Majors participated.  The trip included tours around cities including Warsaw and Vilnius, a visit to the site of the death camp at Treblinka, and stops at  numerous historic sites and museums.  According to O’Sullivan, the trip allowed “students to see for themselves what a medieval city plan looks like, how Warsaw was destroyed during the war and rebuilt afterward — or what the only remaining synagogue in Vilnius, the former ‘Jerusalem of the East,’ looks like. The physical presence makes a huge difference to the learning experience” 

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