• CSUN History Department

Apply for Scholarships and Awards

March 6, 2018


Through the generosity of donors, the History Department every spring is pleased to distribute over $50,000 worth of scholarships and awards to outstanding students. 

Applicants must be History majors or History master’s students.    

Applying for scholarships- There is one application for all scholarships (Please click here to access the application), and faculty may also nominate students for scholarships.  Please see the descriptions below for more information about each of the different awards.  All applications require a statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation from CSUN faculty, and some scholarships and awards may require additional materials.  All application materials must be received by email at   or in hard copy at the History Department Office, Attention: Scholarship Committee, Sierra Tower 610 by Monday, April 2, 2018. 

Students should be aware that the amount of the awards is credited towards the student’s CSUN tuition and fees. 

Since the amount of some awards is limited to California resident tuition and fees, the student’s application must also indicate his/her university residence classification.  Awards to out-of-state or foreign residents will be based on the schedule of fees for California residents.

Click here for complete scholarship descriptions.

Click here for fillable scholarship application 

Click here for fillable recommendation form