Kathleen Addison

Kathleen Addison
(818) 677-5448
Office location:
Sierra Tower 618



C.Phil, History, UCLA
MA, History, UCLA
BA, History and Russian Studies, UCLA

Courses Taught

World History
Western Civilization
Renaissance and Reformation Europe
Nineteenth-Century Europe
Twentieth-Century Europe

Research and Interests

A social historian by trade, Kathleen Addison earned a double BA in History and Russian Studies at UCLA, and her MA and C.Phil in History at UCLA. She is currently completing her Ph.D., with a dissertation entitled "Solotchinskii monastyr': Secular-Ecclesiastic Relations in 17th Century Riazan' Province, Russia." She teaches a variety of World History and European topics, but her particular interests are in the history of religion, trade and politics, and gender studies. She is currently working on two projects in her “off” time: a study of Russian Orthodox Church institutions in Alaska, focusing on the role of women’s inclusion in the religious environment; and an exploration of US-Russian relations in the nineteenth century in the wake of Russian imperial expansion into the Western hemisphere.
Kathleen is a knitting fanatic, science fiction nerd, native gardening enthusiast, and lives primarily to support her menagerie. She is seemingly impervious to the need for sleep and other puny mortal weaknesses, save the fellowship of her cats and dogs and significant amounts of good coffee, not to be found anywhere on CSUN’s campus.
she has taught introductory survey courses on World History and Western Civilization; upper-division classes on Renaissance-Reformation Europe, 19th and 20th Century Europe, Europe since 1815, Byzantine History, and Russian History; and seminars on World Revolutions, the Soviet Revolution, “When Russian Became European,”  “Marxism, Communism, and Socialism (Oh my!): Effects in the Western World,” “Historical Fiction, Historical Fact: Film and Novel in Historical Memory,” “The History of Coffee(houses) in Early Modern Europe,” and “Crime and Punishment:  Popular Discourse in Public Murder Trials of Modern Europe.” She has also taught The Historian’s Craft. Beyond CSUN, she has taught US History, Women’s History, British History, and the History of Religion.