Joyce Broussard

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Full-Time Faculty
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Ph.D., American History, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1998)
M.A., History, California State University, Northridge (1993)
B.A., History, California State University, Northridge, Summa Cum Laude (1991)

Courses Taught 

HIST 151: Western Civilization II
HIST 270: U.S. to 1865 
HIST 271: U.S. Since 1865
HIST 301: The Historian’s Craft:  Reading, Research and Writing History
HIST 349A: Women in American History Through 1848
HIST 349B: Women in American History Since 1848           
HIST 371: Problems in American History, 1865 to Present          
HIST 402: Writing Family History
HIST 475: Women in Modern United States History: 1900 to the Present         
HIST 498: Perspectives North & South:  The American Civil War in Film & History
HIST 498:Naked Before the Law:  Women, Gender, Law and American History
HIST 497G: Law, Gender, and Sexuality in American History
HIST 585: Colloquium in the U. S. South—Focus on the Lower South
HIST 585: Southern Colloquium:  Readings on the Civil War Era: Southern Society, War, and the Home Front
Hist. 586: Law, Gender, and Sexuality in American History
HIST 586: Gender and Religion in American History
HIST 586: Gender, Women, Men, and Sexuality in the American South
HIST 596NCP: Natchez Courthouse Project        
HIST 596RM: Selected Topics—Graduate Research and Methods 
HIST 596S: Selected Topics in Southern History—Readings on Southern Identity       
HIST 673: Research Seminar in the Civil War and Reconstruction       
HIST 675: Research Seminar in Southern History
HIST 693: Directed Research Seminar in Southern History
HIST 694: Graduate Practicum for Teachers in Training

Credential Courses

HIST 498PC:  Senior Capstone Seminar for Prospective Teachers: An Introduction to Historical Education
SBS/EDUC 695SBA-695SBK: Residency Seminar II: Developing Best Practices as a Beginning Teacher in the Social Sciences         

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • “Malvina Matthews: The Murderess Madam of Civil-War-Era Natchez,” Journal of Mississippi History 73 (2011): 23-58.
  • “Coping with the Deluge: The Elite, ‘Not Married’ Women of Post-bellum Natchez, Mississippi and the ‘Other Men’ in Their Lives,” Southern Studies (2010): 39-74
  • “Stepping Lively in Place: The Free Black Women of Antebellum Natchez,” in Mississippi Women: Their Histories, Their Lives, Vol. II, ed. Elizabeth A. Payne et al., (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2010), 23-38
  • “Naked before the Law:  Married Women and the Servant Ideal in Antebellum Natchez,” Mississippi Women: Their Histories, Their Lives, Vol. II, ed. Elizabeth A. Payne et al., (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2010), 57-76
  • “Occupied Natchez, Elite Women, and the Feminization of the Civil War,” Journal of Mississippi History 70 (2008): 179-207.
  • “Slave Families,” in Women in the Civil War: an Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, Inc., 2008).
  • “The Court and Gender,” educator’s website in support of the PBS Documentary,” History of the Supreme Court,” (2005-2007): (www.historyofsupremecourt.org/history/gender/opener.htm
  • “Women Alone in Natchez, Mississippi,” in Natchez on the Mississippi: A Journey through Southern History, 1820-1870, ed. Joyce L. Broussard and Ronald L. F. Davis (Los Angeles: Norstel Press, 1995), 28-32.
  • Co-editor, with Ronald L. F. Davis, Natchez on the Mississippi: A Journey through Southern History: 1870-1920 (Los Angeles: Norstel Press, 1995).


  • Consultant, Member, Editorial Board, “Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007” (www.slavery.amdigital.co.uk)
  • Author and Consultant, PBS Web Site, “History of the Supreme Court” (www.historyofsupremecourt.org/history/gender/opener.htm)
  • Author and Consultant, PBS Web Site, “The Women of Slavery,” (www.slaveryinamerica.org
  • Author, Editor, and Consultant, PBS Web Site, “Gender and Jim Cro,”  (www.jimcrowhistory.org

Research and Interests 

Since joining the CSUN faculty in 1999, Professor Joyce L. Broussard has taught undergraduate classes on the American South, the Civil War and Reconstruction, U.S. history, gender and legal history, U.S. women’s history, and introductory and advanced research and methods classes.  She also teaches extensively at the graduate level with a focus on historical research and methods in the history of the American South, Civil War and Reconstruction, and gender and legal history. A major component of her work at CSUN has been her involvement as co-director and director of the Natchez Project in Southern History, which has included coordinating and facilitating the Biennial Historic Natchez Conferences (1994-2013). This endeavor supports student research trips to the lower South and internship experiences in archival and historic records management. Dr. Broussard has published widely on both U.S. southern and gender history, and has a book forthcoming on the history of widowed, divorced, and single women in the nineteenth-century South. She has also worked as a consultant to various academic websites including numerous PBS productions in support of historical documentaries dealing with slavery, the Supreme Court, and the history of “Jim Crow” and racism in America.  Prior to joining the CSUN faculty, Dr. Broussard served as the head archivist at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA (1996-98) and at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in Beverly Hills, CA (1995-96), as well as a professional film editor for television and cinema.