• CSUN History Department

Graduation Procedures

It is your responsibility to make an official application for graduation to the University through the Admissions Office, and in sufficient time for evaluation of your records. Specific deadlines are set forth each semester in the University Catalogue, the Schedule of Classes, and in various University newsletters and publications. At least three weeks before applying for graduation you must contact your faculty advisor so that the "Evaluation of History Major" form can be obtained and filled out. Since this form must be exact, you are required to list, by number, exactly what courses you have taken for the major at CSUN and elsewhere.

You should bring any transcripts, grade reports, credit summary forms, or other papers that may be needed. Since the "Evaluation of History Major" form is generally filled out early, two semesters before your final semester, it may be necessary to list certain courses that have not yet been taken. However, with the agreement of your advisor, you may indicate that, only ‘x’ number of Upper-Division units of History remain to complete the requirements of the major rather than specifying that particular courses are necessary to achieve this goal. If for some reason a substitute for a specified course is necessary after you enroll for the final semester, you must contact the History Department and have supplementary forms filled out.

The Major Evaluation Form (available in the History Office) must be carefully filled out in triplicate. After your advisor has signed the evaluation forms they must be presented in the History Department Office for final departmental approval. You will then be given two copies of your approved (and stamped) "Evaluation of Major" form which you should then deliver to the Student Information Counter in the Admissions office located in the Student Union. Your application for your diploma will be released to you only upon presentation of an approved copy of the major evaluation form.