The Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 10:00am

California State University, Northridge, Whitsett Room, 4th floor of Sierra Hall

The History Department has established the annual Distinguished History Alumni Award, given to an individual who graduated at least 25 years ago, and who has had a successful career in his or her chosen field.  The award will be made at a reception where the recipient will speak about the evolution of his or her profession, and how the study of history contributed to his or her success.

The first recipient will be William Dallas Bethea, class of 1969, who is Captain, United States Navy (Retired).

In 1988, Captain Bethea, in command of the guided-missile frigate USS GARY, encountered a challenge no US naval officer had faced in 40 years: engagement in surface combat with an armed enemy equipped with anti-ship missiles.  Captain Bethea will speak about this event, and evaluate the possibility of a near-future repeat  in the Middle East or Pacific.

Captain Bethea will also speak about how his study of History enhanced his 32-year career in the Navy.

  • Date and Time:  10 A.M., Saturday 26 October 2013
  • Location:  California State University, Northridge, Whitsett Room, 4th floor of Sierra Hall
  • Parking available on campus for $6.00 at the booth at Darby and Prairie Streets
  • Reservations:  Call the History Department, 818-677-3566 after 10 September