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FACULTY Field Office Phone
(818) 677-
Auerbach, Dr. Jeffrey (Chair) Britain, Imperialism, Nineteenth-Century Europe ST616 x3561 jeffrey.auerbach@csun.edu
Devine, Dr. Thomas 20th-Century US ST624 x3550 tom.devine@csun.edu
Fitzpatrick Behrens, Dr. Susan Central and South America, Indigenous Peoples, Religion ST604 x3094
Goldner, Dr. Erik France, Early Modern Europe, Intellectual ST608 x3558 erik.goldner@csun.edu
Horowitz, Dr. Richard China, Japan, World ST626 x3551 richard.s.horowitz@csun.edu
Howes, Dr. Rachel (Graduate Advisor) Middle East, Islamic World ST621 x2755 rachel.howes@csun.edu
Juarez-Dappe, Dr. Patricia (FYI/JYI, SSSMP/Credential Advisor) Latin America, Argentina, Economic and Social History ST605 x4103 pjuarez@csun.edu
Kaja, Dr. Jeffrey Colonial America, Early US ST631 x5449 jeffrey.kaja@csun.edu
Kim, Dr. Jessica (Internship Coordinator) California and West, Borderlands, Public History ST632 x4330 jessica.kim@csun.edu
Macauley, Dr. Sylvia Africa, Gender ST627 x7150  
Neirick, Dr. Miriam Russia, Soviet Union ST602 x5450  
Nuño, Dr. John Paul Colonial America, Early US, American Indian Remote Fall22 x2404  
O'Sullivan, Dr. Donal Russia, Soviet Union, International Relations ST625 x5453 donal.osullivan@csun.edu
Oliver, Dr. Clementine (Writing Center Coordinator) Medieval Europe, England ST620 x7199 coliver@csun.edu
Sides, Dr. Josh (Whitsett Professor of California History) California ST633 x5665 josh.sides@csun.edu
Zappia, Dr. Natale (Director, Institute for Sustainability) Colonial America, Native American, Corderlands, Environment ST630 x5741 natale.zappia@csun.edu
LECTURERS Field Office Phone (818) 677- Email
Addison, Dr. Kathleen E. Russia, Byzantium ST618  x5448 kathleen.addison@csun.edu
Blakley, Dr. Christopher History of Medicine, Early America ST603 x3566 christopher.blakley@csun.edu
Goodfriend, Elaine A Jewish History SN418 x6875 elaine.goodfriend@csun.edu
Kovalesky, Dr. Brian US, California ST601 x3584 brian.kovalesky@csun.edu
Maar, Dr. Henry US ST603 x3566 henry.maar@csun.edu
Marcos, Dr. Moyses Roman Empire, Cultural and Political History ST608 x2404  
Thompson, Professor Neil US, Hollywood ST624 x3550 neil.thompson@csun.edu
Traviolia, Professor Tristan US ST601 x3584 tristan.traviolia@csun.edu
Ward, Dr. Michael US, California, Native American ST601 x3556 michael.ward@csun.edu


STAFF Office Phone (818) 677- Email
Anna Villanueva (Administrative Support Coordinator II) ST614 x3566 anna.villanueva@csun.edu
Stefanie Joseph (Administrative Support Coordinator I) ST612 x3566 stefanie.joseph@csun.edu