• CSUN History Department


Students enrolled in the History Major and the History Minor, and those interested in either should seek advisement. The Department’s staff advisor is Dr. Nan Yamane. You can make an appointment to meet with her by calling the History office at (818) 677-3566.

Meeting regularly with the advisor is important: she can help you select classes that meet requirements and speed progress towards graduation. She will also help you shape a coherent academic program so that you can develop interests and skills.

For students who are transferring from community college, Dr. Yamane holds workshops for transfer students during the summer and winter break.

Students interested in becoming a secondary school teacher can undertake the Social Studies Subject Matter Program (SSSMP) which enables students to complete the subject matter requirements for becoming a credentialed secondary school teacher in California. You can make an appointment to see the advisor for this program, Dr. Miriam Neirick, by calling the History Office. Because the requirements for the program are substantial, it is best to meet with an advisor early as possible. [link to the page on SSSMP]

Students in the History MA program or interested in that program should make an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. John Paul Nuno, by calling the History Office.