• CSUN History Department

Teaching Credential/SSSMP

The Social Science Subject Matter Program

The Social Science Subject Matter Program (SSSMP) is available to current and former CSUN students who are interested in pursuing a credential to teach social studies at the high school level in the California public school system. This program offers students an alternative to passing the California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET), and it consists of a sequence of fifteen courses, many of which overlap with the history major and general education requirements. Once a student has  successfully completed the program, he or she will have demonstrated subject matter competency in the social sciences. To learn more about the program requirements and how best to complete them, please call the history department office (818-677-3566) and ask to schedule an appointment with the SSSMP adviser, Dr. Patricia Juarez-Dappe. 

A detailed listing of courses and requirements is available for download (.pdf).