Yifei Sun

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Professor / China, GIS, Economic, Urban
(818) 677-3529
Office location:
Sierra Hall, Room 130-E



  • PhD Geography, 2000, State University of New York, Buffalo
  • MA Geography, 1997, University of Akron, Ohio
  • MS Geography, 1994, Nanjing University, China
  • BA Geography, 1991, Nanjing University, China

Courses Taught

  • Geog306 “Intermediate Geographic Information Systems”
  • Geog351 “Urban Geography”
  • Geog321 “Geography of United States”
  • Geog360 “Quantitative Geography”
  • Geog404 “Urban Field Survey”
  • Geog406 “Advanced Geographic Information Systems”
  • Geog460 “Spatial Analysis”
  • Geog696 “Directed Graduate Research”
  • Geog690F “Methods in GIS: Exploring ArcObjects”

Selected Publications and Presentations

Journal Guest Editors

Sun, Yifei, Max von Zedtwitz and Denis Fred Simon, Guest Editors, 2007 Special Issue on Global R&D in China, Asia Pacific Business Review 13(3).

Zhou, Yu and Yifei Sun, Guest Editors, 2006. Special Issue on Science and Technology Development in China, China Review 6 (1).

Refereed Articles

Sun, Yifei, Maximilian von Zedtwitz and Denis Fred Simon. 2007 “Globalization of R&D and China: an Introduction. Asia Pacific Business Review, 13(3): 311-319.

Sun, Yifei and Ke Wen, “Uncertainties, Imitating behaviors and Foreign R&D Locations: Explaining the Over-concentration of Foreign R&D in Beijing and Shanghai within China.” Asia Pacific Business Review, 13(3): 405-424.

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Peter A. Rogerson and Yifei Sun, 2001. “Spatial Monitoring of Geographic Patterns: An Application to Crime Analysis (.pdf).” Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 25:538-556   Sun, Yifei, 2000. “Spatial Distribution of Patents in China (.pdf).” Regional Studies 34(5): 441-454

Research and Interests

My research interests fall broadly within the realm of urban and economic geography. Particularly, I am interested in how the urban and economic landscapes are structured and restructured by global and local forces. More specifically, I would like to exmine the geography of technology, innovation, and industrial clustering. I am currently working on a collaborative project, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, to examine the information and telecommunication industry in China, particularly around three major areas: Beijing, Yangtze River Delta with a focus around Shanghai-Suzhou, and the Pearl River Delta with a focus around Shenzhen-Dongguan. The purpose of this project is to see how global and local networks affect technological innovations in Chinese industrial enterprises. In this project, I will concentrate on the Shanghai area. Meanwhile, I am wrapping up another project on foreign research and development investment in China.