Weather Terms

The following abbreviations/terms are used in the data collected by this station.

Avg Wind Spd (MPH) -- Is the average wind speed recorded in miles per hour.

Avg Wind Dir -- Is the average wind direction given in degrees as measured on a compass. Zero degrees (0°) is true north. 90 degrees is due east. 180 degrees is due south and 270 degrees is due west.

Max Wind Spd (MPH) -- The maximum wind speed as recorded in miles per hour.

Wind Dir at Max -- The compass direction at the time maximum wind speed is recorded.

Avg Temp Deg F -- The average temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Max Temp Deg F -- The maximum recorded temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

MinTemp Deg F -- The minimum recorded temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Avg RH % -- The average relative humidity recorded; given as a percentage.

Avg Bar Press (MB) -- Average barometric pressure recorded in millibars.

Total Rain (In) -- Total rainfall as recorded in inches.

Avg Solar (W/m2) -- Average solar intensity, recorded as watts/meters squared.

Batt Volt Min -- The minimum battery voltage at the time of data collection.