Ron Davidson

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Professor / Public Space, Humanistic, Geography Education
(818) 677-3513
Office location:
Sierra Hall, Room 130-L



  • Ph.D. Geography, 2003, University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Dissertation Title: Coast Stories: Narratives and Identity in an Overlooked Los Angeles Public Space

Courses Taught

  • Geography 150 (World Regional Geography)
  • Geography 330 (California Geography)
  • Geography 351 (Urban Geography)
  • Geography 417 (California Geography and History) "normal" and PACE versions
  • Geography 490 (Senior Project)
  • Geography 650D (Metropolitan Los Angeles)
  • Geography 650C (Urban Social Geography)
  • Geography 696 (Directed Graduate Research)
  • Liberal Studies 300 Gateway

Selected Publications and Presentations

Selected publications

           (2022) "Placemaking and pastoral park planning in Japan: The Showa case". Journal of Place Management and Development 15 (1): 55-69.          

           (2021) "The Violence of Silencing" (as co-author; with Orhon Myadar, S. Mollett, M. Fannin). Gender, Place, and Culture, published online Nov. 17.

           (2020) "Remembering the 'Comfort Women': Geographies of Displacement and Memory in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond" (with Orhon Myadar). Gender, Place, and Culture

(2020) "Mom, I Want to Come Home": Geographies of Compound Displacement, Violence and Longing" (with Orhon Myadar). Geoforum 109: 78-85.

(2019) "Making a Wrong Turn in Tokyo: Yasukuni Shrine and the 'Empty Center' of Japanese Nationalism." In The City as Power: Urban Space, Place, and National Identity, pp.41-55. edited by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

(2018) "Three Stories About a Statue" Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Yearbook 80: 41-65

(2015) "The Beached Park", The California Geographer 54, 49-56.

(2014) "Advertising Place" (with James Craine and Chris Dando). In The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography, Ashgate Press, pp. 231-242.

(2013) "'Friendly authoritarianism' and the bedtaun: public space in a Japanese suburb," Journal of Cultural Geography, 30:2, 187-214.

(2011) "Parks, Malls and The Art of War," Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Yearbook 73: 27-51.

(2009) "The Search for Authentic Practice Across the Disciplinary Divide," with Lynette Henderson, Greg Knotts, John Swain. College Teaching 57(4): 188-196.

(2008) "Recalcitrant Space: Modeling Variation in Humanistic Geography," Journal of Cultural Geography 25 (2008): 161-180.

(2007) "The Beach versus ‘Blade Runner’: Recasting Los Angeles’ Relationship to Modernity," Historical Geography 35:113- 136.

(2006) The Los Angeles Coast as a Public Place" (with J. Nicholas Entrikin), The Geographical Review 95 (2005): 578-93.


(2010) Spaces and Flows: "The Inner Fringe of the Outer City" (with Ed Jackiewicz and Jim Craine)

(2010) Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers: "’See Your West’: Standard Oil Markets Manifest Destiny" (with Jim Craine)

(2010) CSUN Faculty Retreat: "The Final Frontier: Exploring the Meaning of Pedagogical Space in Higher Education" (with Lynette Henderson, Greg Knotts, and John Swain)

(2009) Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers: "Exhuming Exopolis: Parks and the Possibility of Urban Life in the San Fernando Valley"

(2007) "What is Los Angeles? Narrative and Place in Southern California" University of Missouri-St. Louis Center for the Humanities’ "What is a city?" conference

(2007) CSUN Faculty Retreat, 2007: "What the Best College Teachers Do: First-year CSUN Faculty and the Search for Authenticity" 

(2006)  Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Conference, 2006: "Recalcitrant Space"

(2006)  Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, 2006: "Place, Stories, and English-Language Learners" (with Mary Miller)