Robert Kent

Dr. Robert Kent
Professor and Chair of Department of Urban Studies and Planning. James H. Ring Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
(818) 677-4372
Office location:
Sierra Hall, Room 220


Office Phone: (818) 677-4372 – direct; (818) 677-2904 – dept. office


  • Ph.D. Syracuse University (Geography) 1983
  • M.A. University of California, Davis (Geography) 1976
  • B.A. University of California, Davis (Geography) 1973

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Urban and regional planning, development planning, cartography/GIS, Los Angeles urban issues, Latin America (esp., Peru, Bolivia, Argentina) , human geography.

Professional Experience

Chair and the James H. Ring Professor of Urban Studies and Planning (2008 - present). California State University, Northridge

Chair, Department of Geography and Planning (2000-2008).  University of Akron

Fulbright Senior Scholar (2002).  Universidad Nacional Pedagogica de Honduras, Francisco Morazan (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

Visiting Scholar (1998-1999).  Universitat Jaume I, Castellon de la Plana, Spain

Visiting Professor (Spring 1995 and Spring 1996).  Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain,

Professor (1995-2008).  University of Akron

Fulbright Scholar (August – December 1993).  Universidad Nacional de San Juan,   Argentina, Profesor Titular Ordinario Transitorio, Centro de Fotogrametria, Cartografia, y Catastro, Facultad de Ingenieria    

Associate Professor (1988-1995).  University of Akron

Assistant Professor (1983-1988).  University of Akron

Resident Advisor on Regional Planning and Development (June 1984-August 1985).  United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in Cajamarca, Peru.  Under Contract for the University of Akron.

Resident Advisor on Municipal Development and Planning (March 1981-July 1982).  United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Huancayo.  Under contract for Syracuse University.

Lecturer (1978). University of California, Davis.

Instructor (1977). American River Junior College, Sacramento, CA.

Lecturer (1976-1978). California State College, Stanislaus.

Selected Publications

Books and Edited Volumes

2006 Latin America: Regions and People.  New York: Guilford Press. 408 pp.

2005  Cities and Urban Geography in Latin America. Colleció Amèrica 5. Castellon, Spain: Universitat Jaume I Press. Co-editor with V. Ortells and J. Soriano. 200 pp.

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1998 Regional Development and Planning for the 21st Century. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing. Co-Editor with A.G. Noble, F.J. Costa, A.K. Dutt.

1992 Region in Transition: An Economic and Social Atlas of Northeast Ohio. Akron, OH:University of Akron Press. 192 pp. Editor.  Associate Editors, D.P.King, C.B.Monroe, and T.Nash.

Book Chapters

2012 "Regional Patterns of Spanish-Language Newspaper Publication in the United States 1848-1992" pp., 167-182 in Ashok Dutt et al. eds.,  Facets of Social Geography: International and Indian Perspectives. New Delhi: Foundation Books.  (with Maura Huntz). 

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