Mario Giraldo

Dr. Mario Giraldo
Associate Professor / GIS - Remote Sensing applictions to water cycle, LULC effects in physical processes, Human environment interactions
(818) 677-4431
Office location:
Sierra Hall, Room 130-N


Dr. Giraldo is the campus coordinator for the program General education path "principles of sustainability" a group of more than 20 faculty teaching GE courses on sustainability.

Also, he is one of the faculty associates and member of the green core faculty of the CSUN Institute for sustainability. As a faculty associate he is incharge of the CSUN compost-organic food garden. This student run program, processes 15 tons/semester of preconsumer waste into compost and offers hands on academic opportunities in sustainability, urban agriculture and organic food production to the campus community.


  • Ph.D., August 2007, University of Georgia, Geography Department.
  • M.Sc., July 2003, University of Georgia, Geography Department.
  • GIS Certificate, July 2005, University of Georgia Geographic information science (GIScience).
  • B.Sc. (honors), July 1996, Agriculture Engineer Caldas State University (Colombia).

Courses Taught

  • Geog 101, World Regional Geography
  • Geog 102, Physical Geography
  • Geog 103, Weather and Climate
  • Intro and Advance courses in GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Graduate seminars in Biogeography and Landscape Ecology

Selected Publications and Presentations

Giraldo, M.A., Paula J., and Wayne, V. 2015. Suburban Forest Change and Vegetation Water Dynamics in Atlanta, USA. Southern Geographer (55)p.193-212, 2015

Urquidez-Romero, R., Esparza-Romero, J., Chaudhari, L., Begay, R.C., Giraldo, M.A., Ravussin, E.,  Knowler, W.C., Hanson, R.L., Bennett, P.H., Schulz, L.O., Valencia, M.E. 2014. Study Design of the Maycoba Project: Obesity and Diabetes in Mexican Pimas. American  Journal of Health Behavior, 38(3):370-378

Giraldo, M.A. 2014 Using GIS systems for the land use planning of rural landscapes. Revista Ventana informatica, 29:13-29 (Spanish, Colombia)

Giraldo, M.A., 2012. Land-use and land-cover assessment for the study of lifestyle change in a rural Mexican community: The Maycoba Project. International Journal of Health Geographics 11:27-36 

Giraldo, M.A., 2012. Spatial heterogeneity of the rural Andes and its effects in monitoring water related processes at the regional level. Journal of Applied Geography (34)239-403

Finn, M., Lewis, D., Bosch, D.D., Giraldo, M.A. et al. 2011. Remote sensing of soil moisture using airborne hyperspectral data. Journal GIS science and Remote sensing 48(4):522-540

Giraldo, M.A., and Gale, S. 2011. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) analysis of soil moisture within different landuses in south Georgia. Proceedings of the Georgia Water Resource Conference, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga, April 27-29 p.11-13, 2011.

Giraldo, M.A., Grundstein, A., and Bosch, D. 2009.Testing FAAST a mono-dimensional hydrological model for soil moisture studies at the little river watershed, Tifton Georgia. Proceedings of the Georgia Water Resource Conference, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga, April 27-29, 2009.

Giraldo, M.A., Bosch, D., Madden, M., Usery, L. and Finn, M. 2009. Ground and surface temperature variability for remote sensing of soil moisture in a heterogeneous landscape. Journal of hydrology 368:214-223

Giraldo, M.A., Madden, M., Grunstein, A. and Bosch, D. 2009. Land use/Land cover and soil type covariation in a heterogeneous landscape for soil moisture studies using point data. Journal of GIS science and Remote Sensing, 46:1-24


Research and Interests

My research interest is the study of land use-land cover change effects in hydrological and physical processes. I analyze spatial fragmentation of agriculture and urban landscapes and study water dynamics within landscape fragments. In watersheds in the Colombian Andes I study climatic variables in mountain gradients and spatial variation of vegetation. I teach general education courses and specialize in remote sensing, GIS applications to the environment, biogeography and landscape ecology. I have publications in biodiversity, biological pest management, land use planning, landscape fragmentation, water process in landscape patches in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and South eastern USA.

CSUN students working under Dr. Giraldo supervision donating 100+ pounds of food to local food organizations this summer.