GIS Program

Geospatial science and technology is a rapidly growing industry. With job outlooks growing faster than the national average in the coming decade, there is a rising demand for individuals who are well versed in this cutting edge area. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program at CSUN has been designed specifically to target the core knowledge competencies of the industry now and into the future, as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor. CSUN’s program provides a strong undergraduate Bachelor’s degree program in GIS for those students interested in entering this cutting edge industry, as well as, a comprehensive Master’s degree program for those working professionals or students interested in advanced study and practice within the discipline. Faculty in the program provide a wide variety of expertise in GIS applications including experience in health geography, spatial demography, urban planning, environmental geography and sustainability, and biogeography. The curriculum also includes leading-edge coursework in Web-based and open-source mapping, automation and customization in various programming environments, and advanced decision-making and project management strategies, all within a cutting-edge computer lab space containing 48 fully equipped desktop units. The GIS  labs also now offer students the use of 48 iPad devices for access to faculty written eText resources, interactive lecture and lab content, as well as, practice with mobile GIS techniques. In addition to providing a GIS program designed to meet the skill and knowledge needs of todays’ students, the program is also committed to guiding students beyond the classroom through a strong internship program established with local, regional, and national organizations.