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Welcome to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dean's Welcome

Dean Yan Searcy, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Fall 2022

Greetings CSBS,

We are here. Words like "emerging," "rising," or "increasing" signal potential energy. While the College continues movement forward in spite of a pandemic, I want to declare that we are here. Kinetic energy abounds at the outset of the new academic year for CSBS. We indeed are here and that here has multiple meanings.

CSBS greets Fall 2022 with the overwhelming number of classes meeting in person. We are dedicated to the best of the academic experience that combines classroom and lab instruction with the experiential learning. We are dedicated to building symbiotic relationships between faculty and students that result mutually inspirational pursuits of research, creative activity, and community service. This dedication also includes exploring online and virtual learning modalities that foster connectivity and facilitate knowledge transfer, retention, and application.

We are focused on student success, defined as supporting students to meet their identified academic goals as well as to prepare students for careers, entrepreneurship, graduate school, and to be civically engaged. Our supports range from advising to academic coaches who, like a personal trainer, assist with meeting learning goals. We also attend to the entire student by providing social and emotional supports.

We are changing the academic canon by embracing relevance and critical curiosity. We live our College motto of being "Locally Engaged, and Globally Prepared." Our students are presenting research at international and national conferences. Our students are studying abroad. They have traveled as part of the Model UN Program. They are studying in Washington D.C. as part of the CSUN in DC Program. They have internships with area agencies and industries. They are engaged in interdisciplinary research with the Autonomy Research Center for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, and Mathematics (ARCS).

It is CSBS faculty who connect students with these opportunities. Not only are they researchers and creatives, they are superior teachers and mentors. We value people here. Achievement and success are expectations.

I write this welcome accepting the wisdom of the elders to be present in the now. I write this welcome not as aspiration but as arrival. We are here. Welcome!


EOP Resilient Scholars Program

SBS Graduate Christina Mota