An Alphabet of Eras That Define 2021: From the KKK, to Malcolm X, to LGBTQ, to CSUN – Barry Dank’s Story

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Zoom Webinar Event

The Alphabet of Eras That Define 2021: From the KKK, to Malcolm X, to LGBTQ, to CSUN – Barry Dank’s  Story Event FlyerAbout this Event

Join us for an interactive conversation with Dr. Barry Dank, retired professor of sociology, as he shares a retrospective of his life growing up Jewish in the segregated South to meeting Malcolm X, to being the first professor to offer classes on human sexuality, to his connections to CSUN and his views on the contemporary American landscape.

About Barry Dank

Barry M. Dank spent his early years in the rural South in what he describes as an ultra-conservative and racist Jewish family. (A Jewish uncle was an "honorary" member of the KKK.) Distancing himself physically and intellectually from his upbringing, Barry pursued higher education. His travels led to his meeting Malcolm X. Barry ultimately received his doctorate in sociology and soon after taught the first undergraduate course on homosexuality as well as the first undergraduate course on the Holocaust at Cal State Long Beach, where he is a professor emeritus. Barry shares, "My allegiance to truth seeking led me to CSUN." CSUN is where he became involved with multiple forums and established decades long friendships.

About the Sierra Series

The Sierra Series aims to bring ideas, stories, and lives together in order to decrease the distance between people, communities, and the academy. We aim to illuminate, discuss, and move toward positive social change.

Sierra Hall with text that says "Sierra Series Lecture" Locally engaged, globally prepared logoTitled the Sierra Series after Sierra Hall that is one of the original classroom buildings on the campus of CSUN. Built in 1964, Sierra Hall has been the site where nearly everyone on campus has had a class. It has been a place of student demonstration, recreation, and of course study. Even after the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 Sierra Hall still stood – a monument of higher learning. We name our speaker series the Sierra Series as a monument to continued higher learning.

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