Pirate Queens: A Talk By Author Rebecca Simon

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Whitsett Room | Sierra Hall 451

All are welcome! Food and drink provided to all landlubbers.

Pirate Queens a talk by Rebecca SimonThe CSUN History Department is proud to host a talk by CSUN alum Rebecca Simon on her latest book, Pirate Queens: The Lives of Anne Bonny & Mary Read. Explore the lives of two women who were some of the most infamous pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy!

About the Book Pirate Queens: The Lives of Anne Bonny & Mary Read

This first full-length biography about Anne Bonny and Mary Read explores their intriguing backgrounds while examining the social context of women in their lifetime and their legacy in popular culture that exists to the present day. Using A General History of the Pyrates, early modern legal documents relating to women, their recorded public trial in The Tryal of Jack Rackham and Other Pyrates, newspapers and new, uncovered research, this book unravels the mysteries and legends surrounding their lives.

About the Author, Rebecca Simon, PhD.

Rebecca Simon is a historian of early modern piracy, Colonial America, the Atlantic World, and maritime history. SheI earned my PhD from King’s College London in 2017. Her dissertation, entitled: “The Crimes of Piracy and its Punishment: The Performance of Maritime Supremacy in the British Atlantic World, 1670 – 1830,” examines British maritime and legal supremacy in its early American colonies in regards to maritime piracy. she use the public executions of pirates in London and the Americas as her narrative to see how the colonists reacted to increased legal restrictions by British authorities, which ultimately led to new ideas of autonomy.

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Communication services (sign language interpreters, note takers) are available for this event. Requests for services must be submitted at least five (5) working days in advance. Please contact Dr. Erik Goldner at erik.goldner@csun.edu.