Welcome to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dean's Welcome

Dean Yan Searcy, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Greetings CSBS,

It truly is an honor and privilege to serve as dean of THE College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS).  Over the past two years I have taken to pronouncing “the” in front of CSBS as “thee.”  It originated during an Honors Convocation address and has just continued since and now has taken on a campus life of its own.  We now have t-shirts with “THE” highlighted.

But let me share why we are not simply “a” college of social and behavioral sciences.  “The” indicates a definite article.  We are the definite article because of the people in CSBS.  From the voices that answer Departmental phones to the faculty in labs and classrooms, to those who greet visitors in offices, to those who build schedules and facilitate student and faculty travel, to those who provide administrative support, and to who is responsible for this website are people singularly focused on creating a positive student experience.

Our CSBS advisors serve not only to direct students to classes but also to mentor, listen, and inspire.  Our classes are taught by experts who have life experience to undergird their sharing of theory.  Our college is dedicated to providing an educational experience that transforms lives and communities.  We are the definite article of colleges of social and behavioral sciences!

We provide opportunities for students to engage the academic in a personal way that involves research opportunities, travel opportunities, internship opportunities, community work, and career exploration.  We are interdisciplinary.  Our faculty, whether teaching online or in person, are grounded in best pedagogical practices.  Some of these practices involve utilizing virtual reality and some are embracing artificial intelligence as a learning tool.

I am proud of CSBS.  We are the home of authentic intelligence and authentic care.  We are the home of people who care about education, community, and positive transformation.  We are THE College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and welcome to the 2023-2024 Academic Year!

EOP Resilient Scholars Program

SBS Graduate Christina Mota