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Zenna Aghajanian

Zenna AghajanianHey there! I'm Zenna Aghajanian, and I'm currently an undergraduate psychology student at CSUN. Alongside my studies, I'm also deeply involved in exciting OBM research. During my time at CSUN, I've dived into a range of statistics and research methods courses. For the past five years, I've had the joy of being a private tutor. In addition, I've been helping out my fellow undergrads with their stats-related questions for over a year now. While I'm pretty well-versed in these subjects, there are times when I come across questions that stump me. But I love the thrill of the hunt for answers. So, if we ever find ourselves in a "quest for knowledge" together, I can't wait to embark on that journey with you!

Seth Almaraz

Seth AlmarazBio

Greetings everyone! My name is Seth Almaraz, my pronouns are he/him, and I am an undergraduate student and researcher here at CSUN. I am a Psychology major, with the prospects of pursuing a doctoral degree (Ph.D !) in Clinical Psychology. While at CSUN, I have taken basic psychological research methods courses, and have also ventured to undertake advanced stats courses in order to broaden my insights and curiosity into the tools that the faculty in my department use. One of my leading passions in academia is the opportunity to learn--a process, I believe, that impacts both the student AND mentor. Therefore, if I am uncertain about a question that you may have, I will make sure to find a resource that can attend to both of our understanding of the material. Mirabile dictu, I hope to see you in Sierra Hall (SH) 121!

Armine Barsegyan

Armine Barsegyan Hi!! My name is Armine Barsegyan and I am a first-year graduate student in the Psychological Science program. Previously, while I was an undergraduate here at CSUN, I took statistics, statistical and research methods, and several advanced inquiry in research and analysis methods. I aspire to become a research professor after completing my education to conduct research while teaching students. Even though school is one of my primary focuses, in my free time I enjoy spending time with my dog and playing video games.

Phoebe Shorter

Phoebe Shorter CSBS Tutoring CenterBio

Hey there! My name is Phoebe Shorter and I am a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program. Throughout my educational career, I have completed courses in statistics, advanced research methods, and scientific writing. I am also a research assistant in the REACH lab here at CSUN and I am specifically interested in how childhood maltreatment impacts mental and emotional well-being. I am excited to meet you and am eager to help you out with whatever you may need assistance with, ranging from general psychology questions to comprehending statistics and understanding it in the context of research. See you in the tutoring center!