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Victoria Dozortsev, Scientific and Nonscientific Writing, APA Formatting, and Statistics

Victoria DozortsevBio

 Hello! My name is Victoria Dozortsev and I am a senior majoring in Psychology. I have taken PSY 320/L with Dr. Quilici (and am currently a TA for one of her 320/L classes) and PSY 321/L with Professor Hess. I am well versed with scientific and nonscientific writing, APA formatting, and statistics. I wish I could help y'all in person, but I look forward to meeting you on Zoom!


Monday: 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM
Tuesday: 1-2 PM
Wednesday: 2-3:30PM and 5-8PM
Thursday: 1-2PM and 3:30-5PM
Friday: 1-2 PM

Nathan Lieng: Psychology, Statistics, and Research Methods

Nathan LiengBio

Hi! My name is Nathan Lieng and I am a first year Psychological Science MA student at CSUN. I have completed the equivalent statistics/research method courses during my undergraduate at SDSU, and am continuing to deepen my understanding through my graduate studies. I am highly passionate about education and mentoring, so I'd be more than happy to help you with anything related to Psychology, Statistics, and Research Methods. I look forward to meeting you and hope that you are adjusting well to this virtual format!


Monday: 4-6 PM
Tuesday:11AM-1 PM
Thursday:11AM-1 PM
Friday:11AM-1 PM
Saturday:11AM-1 PM

Natalie Paredes: Statistics, Writing, and Research Methods

Natalie ParedesBio

Hello, my name is Natalie! I am a fourth-year student majoring in psychology and minoring in anthropology. I have taken PSY320/L with Dr. Otten and PSY321/L with Dr. Fenn so I can provide tutoring for statistics (PSY320), research methods (PSY321), and writing. Feel free to come in for any questions regarding these subjects. I look forward to helping you virtually!

Monday: 11 AM-2 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM-2 PM and 3:30-5 PM
Wednesday: 3:30-5PM
Saturday: 1-3 PM

Ricardo Salinas: Statistics, SPSS, Writing, and Research Methods

Ricardo SalinasBio

Hello, my name is Ricardo Salinas. I am a senior majoring in Psychology. I have taken PSY 321/L with Dr. Fenn and PSY 320/L with Dr. Quilici, so I will be more than happy to help you with topics regarding any form of research methods, APA format (PSY 321), Statistics (PSY 320) and SPSS. I look forward to helping and meeting you virtually at the C.S.B.S. Center!  


Monday: 9-11 AM
Tuesday: 9-11 AM
Wednesday: 9-11 AM
Thursday: 9-11 AM
Friday: 9-11 AM