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Richard Weintraub

Richard Weintraub
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Professor Weintraub teaches multiple CJS  courses. For Fall 2020 he is teaching CJS 340 Ethics in CJS and CJS 444 Community Corrections.


MA, Political Science and Psychology, CSUN

BA, Political Science and Psychology, UCLA

California teaching Credential


Featured in documentary Land of the Free Starz and executive producer Journey of Love

Richard brings extensive background in training and consulting with law enforcement agencies and private security companies.

Recently retired as Director of Training for the la County Sheriff’s Department, Leadership and Training Division.

Director of Education-Based-Incarceration for Custody Division, LASD.

Created Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department University enabling thousands of sworn and civilian employees to receive AA, BA, MA Ph.D or JD Law degree.

Co-founder, LA Regional Public Safety Consortium including, LA city and County Fire Departments, LAPD and LASD.

Former teacher with LAUSD, Educator and teacher’s teacher with a long-standing history of working with and on behalf of youth.

Former director of the Constitutional Rights Foundation and president of California Council on children and youth, Governor’s Office.

Professor, Criminology and Justice Studies Department, CSUN annual guest lecturer, UCLA, Psychology of Fear Seminar for graduate students.

President Weintraub consulting, offering individuals, corporate clients, and non-profit organizations assistance with life coaching, advocacy, communications, leadership training, trust building, strategic planning, continuous improvement teams, best practices and conflict resolution skills and strategies.

Richard is nationally recognized as an expert in legal education and communication strategies and a popular speaker at workshops and seminars.

Recipient of numerous distinguished service and leadership awards from LASD, Outstanding Member Award from California Youth Authority, California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association, LA board of Education, and County Quality and productivity Commission, LA County Board of Supervisors.

Richard holds MA in Political Science and Psychology, Leadership certificate from Cornell University and California Teaching Credential.

Author, “Beyond The Easy Answer and Motivational Calendar.”

Speaker, life coach, mentor and problem-solver, criminal justice and rehabilitation, at-risk youth and parents, motivational speaking, individual corporate training.


Conflict resolution, communications and leadership development specialist.

Life coach for career seeking individuals.


Director of training La county sheriff’s department/education based incarceration.

Director of Education, Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Former president, California council on children and youth.

Former director communications, Jewish Federation Council.

Facilitator, merit continuum support group for formerly incarcerated individuals and at-risk youth.

The Power of You

Ever wanted to know who you really are at this time of your life?

The present will reveal who you are and what is up to you.

The past is a story you have been telling yourself and the future is beyond your control.” Man plans, god laughs.”

You dream every night and your dreams are messages from your subconscious mind. The pictures you see are the languages of the subconscious mind.

Structures, objects, drinking vessels, body of water, animals and barriers are symbols which represent the unique you. You are one-of-a- kind. There are no two people alike. Even identical twins are not identical!

Pay attention to your dreams for they are real and customized to provide answers to the questions you so desperately seek about your life.

The forest game is a visualization exercise to help you understand the power of your subconscious mind. Do not be afraid because the subconscious mind is love and will never betray you.

Are you ready? The time is now!

Richard Weintraub is a spiritual teacher who utilizes visualizations, storytelling and creative thinking to help individuals discover the hidden truths and talents that like deep within themselves.

The forest game is his signature exercise and utilizes a psycho-spiritual approach (mind, body and spirit) to empower people to promote self-love and confront fear for what it is a bully and bogeyman.

Richard promotes learning to ask the right questions is more important than seeking the right answers.

Are you prepared to answer the following questions?

Is it worth it? What is it really about? Are you doing your best? Are you looking where you never thought to look? Are you paying attention to your dreams?

Richard is a nationally recognized educator, life coach, motivational speaker and communications specialist. He specializes in leadership development, self-management and empowerment.

He recently retired as the Director of Training for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, former Director of Education for the Constitutional Rights Foundation, past President of the California Council on Children and Youth and currently Professor of Criminal Justice at California State University.

Author of Beyond the Easy Answer and Motivational Calendar.


Private counseling for individuals and families

Corporate consultant on raising morale and building trust

Overcoming barriers to professional growth and promotion

Achieving personal management and time management skills


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