Criminology and Justice Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact an Academic Advisor for assistance with registration and course selection?

Criminology and Justice Studies is an academic department in the college of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The Advisors for college are divided into 2 groups, those who assists first time freshmen and those who assist everyone else. If you are a freshmen, please contact "The Hub". (818) 677-2900. If you are not a freshmen, please contact the EOP Advisors (818) 677-2658 for the college of social and behavioral sciences. 

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Why should I major in Criminology and Justice Studies?

The program provides a foundation for the study of criminology and criminal justice; based in critical thinking and application, theory and research methodology, understanding diversity and global perspectives, writing, and the fundamentals of law and ethical practice.

As an incoming freshman, how do I Major in Criminology and Justice Studies?

Incoming freshman can apply to Criminology and Justice Studies, or may change their major once they arrive.

Please contact the Advisors in The Hub for assistance, (818) 677-2900. Their office is located in the college of Extended Learning, room 150.

As a transfer student, how do I major in Criminology and Justice Studies?

Any undergraduate student, Transfer or First Time Freshmen, may declare CJS as their major.

To change your major to CJS, please see the CSUN Admissions and Records pages for more information regarding a Change of Major, applications, etc. You may change your major online, or with a paper form, please see an Academic Advisor for assistance.

If I am a Sociology, Option II Major, will I automatically be moved to Criminology & Justice Studies major?

No. Each student must submit the Change of Major request. Students are encouraged to see the EOP Advisement Office for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences.

EOP Advising Center SH 204.   

What career can I have with a degree in Criminology and Justice Studies?

The answer is many great careers. Please refer to the Career Resources tab in the Student Resources page of our website. Thank you.