CIPHER Conference Poster Submission Guidelines


Please review the following guidelines carefully. We will not consider any submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • Poster abstracts must be submitted online using the Conference Poster Submission Form. The deadline is TBD for all divisions (high school student, undergraduate student, graduate student).
  • The conference date is postponed until further notice..
  • The poster session will be held from 10:00am-5:00pm. Please plan on coming early to set up.
  • Submissions must be related to Hip-hop. All elements of Hip-hop are eligible.
  • Abstracts accepted for Poster Presentation will automatically be entered in the CIPHER Conference Poster Presentation Award competition. Certificates are awarded to the top three in each division, High School, Undergraduate and Graduate.

Types of Abstracts

An abstract is a brief, written summary (and must be between 250- 300 words and no more) of the specific ideas or concepts to be presented, and a statement of their relevance to practice or research. The following three types of abstracts are presented:

  • Research abstracts include a brief description of the author’s original research methodology, including design, subject characteristics and procedures, major findings, and conclusions or implications for dietetics practice.
  • Case report abstracts include detailed analysis of a person or group or element of hip hop
  • Program report abstract: include detailed analysis of a program noting elements of the program and outcomes of the program

Submission Guidelines:

  • Student posters must be presented in a traditional poster format (3′ tall by 4′ wide, printed).
  • Abstracts and posters may not be duplicates.
  • More than one abstract submission per author is permitted. It is FREE to submit an abstract for consideration.
  • Collaborative poster presentations are acceptable. All author names and email addresses are required for submission and all authors must be notified of submission for the abstract to be eligible for consideration. An email will be sent to each author notifying them of the submitting author’s submission.
  • Faculty advisor must be identified (high school presenters must have faculty advisor in attendance)
  • Submitting author must be available to present at the conference. Conference registration is required to present. All presenting authors must have a paid registration.
  • Poster abstract must be 300 words or less (author names do not count toward word limit)
  • For research abstract, include introduction, methods, results and conclusions.
  • For case report and program report abstracts, include introduction, case presentation, management and outcome, and discussion.
    • Before and after the completion of judging, the posters of all competitors will be displayed for the attendees of the CIPHER Conference to view. Competitors will remain with their posters for the duration of the poster judging session as indicated in the technical program of events or as directed by the manager of the event on-site.
    • Competitors will be given a ten-minute window to showcase their projects with the judges. Judging sessions will consist of a up to a five-minute presentation given by the presenter(s)
    • and up to a five-minute question-and-answer period.
      • Competitors are responsible for assembly, disassembly, and removal of the poster following the viewing session and ISPE will not assume responsibility for materials left beyond the time limit specified

Poster Guidelines

Poster presentations offer content using charts, graphs, illustrations, and/or photographs. Posters allow for informal, one-on-one or small-group discussions with the presenter about the issue, problem, project, or research addressed in the poster.

  1. Posters must be mounted to a flat or trifold poster board. Presenters must provide their own freestanding foam board that will fit on a 3’x6’ table, or a flat foam board that can rest on an easel, provided by presenter.
  2. Presenters are expected to give up to a 5-minute presentation of poster to those showing interest in poster.

The poster must include the following:

  1. Title
  2. Names of author(s) and affiliated organization(s)
  3. Abstract (brief summary of objectives, analysis, methods, results, and conclusions)
  4. Background Information
  5. Project Objectives
  6. Materials and Methods
  7. Results/Outcomes (tables, graphs, charts)
  8. Conclusions
  9. Discussion of possible future directions or why project is complete

Submission Requirements

Submission due date is TBD. Please use the CIPHER Conference Submission Form to submit your abstract. You will receive confirmation that your submission was received.

Abstract Length is 300 words maximum

More than one abstract submission per author is permitted. It is FREE to submit an abstract for consideration.

Students with accepted posters receive a 50 percent discounted conference registration of $12.50 (for high school and CSUN students) and $20 (for non-CSUN college students).

Abstracts should include the following information:

  1. Lead Presenter Name:
  2. Co-Presenter’s Name:
  3. Affiliation: (CSUN, name of high school, or other college or University)

Thank you so much for your submission! Good Luck and thank you for participating!