Center for Urban Water Resilience


Housed in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the mission of the CUWR is to serve as a focal point for coordinating research and education on urban waters in the Metropolitan Los Angeles region.  The Center for Urban Water Resilience shall foster urban water research through funded research projects and community service.  The Center will support the strategic goals of California State University, Northridge through the following activities: develop ties with the community by providing expertise in various research areas associated with urban waters, provide opportunities for life-long learning among students, and commit to continuous improvement of the student experience through the exposure of students to problems unique to the urban waters of Los Angeles. 

CUWR will focus more specifically on the following:

  • Provide a repository of knowledge and expertise available on urban water resource issues for use in problem-solving, planning, practical design, policy development, research and education.

  • Develop a comprehensive water research program with both local and statewide impact by utilizing faculty and facility resources at CSUN.

  • Strengthen student education/training in water-related fields: encourage students to enter these fields, and provide the workforce necessary to solve future urban water resource problems.

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to research associated with urban water issues in the Los Angeles basin by gathering experts in water-related areas (such as biology, chemistry, computer science, geography, economics, engineering, law, political science, etc).

  • Coordinate and encourage collaborative research within CSUN focused on water research and across the five CSU’s in Los Angeles County.

In addition, CUWR will serve as a resource to state agencies and industry by providing the expert services of CSUN’s faculty, conducting advanced research studies, and providing a forum for discussion and exchange of information.  Members of CUWR are encouraged to be in frequent contact with state water agencies and serve on state task forces.