Kim Kirner Receives NSF Grant

August 7, 2013

Dr. Kimberly Kirner has been awarded an NSF Coupled Natural and Human Systems (NSF-CNH) Program Exploratory Grant for $249,934 over two years for the project "Coping with Change: Water Availability and Rangeland Management in the Eastern Sierra."  In this interdisciplinary project, Dr. Kirner (PI, Anthropology) will work with Dr. James Hayes (Co-PI, Geography, U of Nebraska Omaha), Dr. Soheil Boroushaki (Geography, CSUN), and Dr. Paula Schiffman (Biology, CSUN) to investigate the impact of climate change and water policy on water availability, native plant communities, and local management responses over time in the Eastern Sierra.  There will be opportunities for graduate student research related to this project -- please see the departmental "Research" webpage or contact Dr. Kirner.