Hélène Rougier

Dr. Hélène Rougier
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  • Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from Bordeaux 1 University (2003)
  • M.A. in Biological Anthropology from Bordeaux 1 University (1999)
  • B.A. in Natural Sciences from Bordeaux 1 University (1997)

Courses Taught

  • Anth 151 'Physical Anthropology'
  • Anth 341 'Bones: An Introduction to the Study of Human Remains'
  • Anth 445/L 'Human Osteology and Lab'
  • Anth 453 'Human Paleontology'
  • Anth 490B 'Seminar in Biological Anthropology'

Selected Publications and Presentations




Rougier H. & Semal P. (Eds.), 2013. Spy cave. 125 years of multidisciplinary research at the Betche aux Rotches (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Province of Namur, Belgium), Volume 1. Anthropologica et Praehistorica 123/2012, Brussels, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Praehistory & NESPOS Society, 386 p.


Articles and Book Chapters


Balzeau A. & Rougier H., 2013. New Information on the Modifications of the Neandertal Suprainiac Fossa During Growth and Development and on its Etiology. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 151: 38-48.


Hajdinjak M., Fu Q., Hübner A., Petr M., Mafessoni F., Grote S., Skoglund P., Narasimham V., Rougier H., Crevecoeur I., Semal P., Soressi M., Talamo S., Hublin J.-J., Gušić I., Kućan Ž., Rudan P., Golovanova L. V., Doronichev V. B., Posth C., Krause J., Korlević P., Nagel S., Nickel B., Slatkin M., Patterson N., Reich D., Prüfer K., Meyer M., Pääbo S. & Kelso J., 2018. Reconstructing the genetic history of late Neanderthals. Nature 555: 652-656.


Posth C., Renaud G., Mittnik A., Drucker D. G., Rougier H., Cupillard C., Valentin F., Thevenet C., Furtwängler A., Wißing C., Francken M., Malina M., Bolus M., Lari M., Gigli E., Capecchi G., Crevecoeur I., Beauval C., Flas D., Germonpré M., van der Plicht J., Cottiaux R., Gély B., Ronchitelli A., Wehrberger K., Grigorescu D., Svoboda J., Semal P., Caramelli D., Bocherens H., Harvati K., Conard N. J., Haak W., Powell A. & Krause J., 2016. Pleistocene Mitochondrial Genomes Suggest a Single Major Dispersal of Non-Africans and a Late Glacial Population Turnover in Europe. Current Biology 26: 827-833.


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Rougier H., Crevecoeur I. & Wolpoff M. H., 2006. Lower Third Premolar Rotation in the Krapina Dental Sample. Periodicum Biologorum 108: 269-278.


Rougier H., Milota Ş., Rodrigo R., Gherase M., Sarcină L., Moldovan O., Zilhão J., Constantin S., Franciscus R. G., Zollikofer C. P. E., Ponce de León M. & Trinkaus E., 2007. Peştera cu Oase 2 and the Cranial Morphology of Early Modern Europeans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 1165-1170.


Rougier H. & Trinkaus E., 2012. The Human Cranium from the Peştera cu Oase, Oase 2. In: E. Trinkaus, S. Constantin & J. Zilhão (Eds.), Life and Death at the Peştera cu Oase: A Setting for Modern Human Emergence in Europe. New York, Oxford University Press: 257-320.


Wißing C., Rougier H., Crevecoeur I., Germonpré M., Naito Y. I., Semal P. & Bocherens H., 2016. Isotopic evidence for dietary ecology of late Neandertals in North-Western Europe. Quaternary International 411: 327-345.


Research and Interests


Dr. Hélène Rougier comes to CSUN from Bordeaux, France, where she earned her BA, MA and Ph.D. from Bordeaux 1 University in Biological Anthropology. A paleoanthropologist, she specializes in the study of Neandertals during the Middle and Late Pleistocene periods, focusing on the forms and variations of this early human species, their relationships with modern humans, the reasons for their disappearance, and the diversity of their mortuary practices. She has taken part to field excavations in Saint-Césaire and Le Piage, France, Peştera cu Oase, Romania, and Dia Shoma, Mali. The author of over forty articles and book chapters, Dr. Rougier is an internationally-known expert in her field, and her research projects offer students exciting opportunities to contribute to our knowledge of early humans. Dr. Rougier regularly teaches ANTH 151, 'Physical Anthropology', and has developed courses on identifying and dealing with human remains, ANTH 341 'Bones' and ANTH 445/L 'Human Osteology and Lab'.



5 keywords


Biological Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Neandertals, Early modern humans, Mortuary practices



Current Projects


PI for the project 'A search for new evidence: The diversity of Neandertal mortuary practices'.


Member of the research and field team leading excavations at Saint-Césaire, a Middle and Upper Paleolithic site in SW France. Excavations directed by I. Crevecoeur (UMR 5199 PACEA, CNRS, Bordeaux University, France).


PI for the project 'Reassessment of the Paleoanthropological Collections from the "Troisième caverne" of Goyet (Gesves, Belgium)' (Wenner-Gren Foundation Gr. 7837, 2008-2010).


Member of the research and field team leading excavations at Le Piage, a Middle and Upper Paleolithic site in SW France. Excavations directed by J.-G. Bordes (UMR 5199 PACEA, Bordeaux University, France) and F. Le Brun-Ricalens (National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg).