CSUN Graduate Theses

Petrography, Production, and Provenance of Ceramics from La Blanca, Guatemala (May 2018)

By John A. Lawrence

Digital Natives’ Visual Narratives: Selfies as Curated Performances of Personal Identity (May 2017)

By Josette Pellicano

Ethnodoxy in the Diaspora: Armenian-American Religious and Ethnic Identity Construction in Los Angeles (May 2017)

By Madlen A. Avetyan

Life and Labor on the Aqueduct Line: An Archaeological Investigation of a Los Angeles Aqueduct Construction Camp in San Francisquito Canyon, Santa Clarita, CA (May 2017)

By Krystal A. Kissinger

With Malice Aforethought? Reconsidering Evidence and Interpretations of Ventureño Chumash Violence (May 2017)

By Anne Register Whitehair

Contextualizing ‘Aqnipis: An Archaeological Approach to Identifying Basket Production Locales in South Central California (August 2017)

By Allison Hill

Figurines, Households, and Social Identities at La Blanca During the Middle Preclassic Period (900-600 B.C.E.) (May 2016)

By Karleen Claire Ronsairo

Tongva Ritual Practice on San Clemente Island: Exploring the Origins of the Chinigchinich Religion (May 2016)

By Elisabeth A. Rareshide

Becoming Visible: Oral Histories of Filipino Americans in California (August 2016)

By Sophia Wiley

Moral Agency and Free Will: Speculative Fiction Fandom and the Discourse of Empathy (December 2016)

By Julie Strom

Human-Shark Interactions: Exploring Individual Attitudes Towards Sharks (May 2015)

By Katherine Palmer

Tangible Communitas: A Folkloric Investigation of the Los Angeles Wisdom Tree (May 2015)

By Nikki Cox

Ojai: the Crucible of Southern California’s Cultic Milieu (December 2015)

By Cody Beckley

Can The Odds of Hominin Fossil Site Discoveries Be Improved Through The Use of GIS? (May 2014)

By Stephanie Lapeyre-Montrose

Obsidian Exchange in Prehistoric Baja California: An Initial Look at Regional Exchange Networks in the Peninsula (May 2014)

By Danny Sosa Aguilar

Behavioral Effects of Collaring on Female Black-Handed Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) on Barro Colorado Island, Panamá (December 2013)

By Meghan J. Strong

Memorialization and Memory of Southern California's St. Francis Dam Disaster of 1928 (August 2014)

By Ann C. Stansell

Chacoan Roadways in the Goodman Point Region in Southwest Colorado (December 2014)

By Aaron T. Davis

QI Equals MC-Squared: A New Age Case Study on Contested Models of Science, Spirituality and the Acquisition of Scientific Knowledge (December 2014)

By Garrett Sadler

“Monday Night Irish:” Engendering Irish Identity at the Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles (May 2013)

By April Mejia

Exploration of Burton Mound Continued: Faunal Analysis of a Mainland Chumash Site (August 2013)

By Heather Renée McDaniel Wilcox

Imagining Tradition and Modernity: Ugandan Pentecostals in Los Angeles (December 2013)

By Kevin Timothy Zemlicka

Production and Exchange of Hellenistic Moldmade Bowls at Tel Dor (December 2013)

By Sandra Diane Mermelstein

Chasing Paper: The Effects of Commodification on the Arts and Artists of Hip-Hop Culture (December 2012)

By Connie Jones-Steward

Landscapes of Complexity: An Analysis of Ancient Settlement Patterns in the Municipio of Ocos, Guatemala (May 2011)

By Gary Ellsworth Boyd