Christina Low von Mayrhauser

Dr. Christina von Mayrhauser
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-4931
Office location:
Sierra Hall 240J


Dr. von Mayrhauser, Professor of Anthropology at CSUN, teaches courses incorporating her interests in health and well-being (Anth 425, Culture, Health and Healing), music (Anth 490c seminar, Music and Migration), sociocultural aspects of communication (Anth 310, Language and Culture)  precarity in vulnerable communities (Anth 451, Economic Anthropology), and anthropological theory and research methods (Anth 475, Ethnographic Research Methods; Anth 303, Anthropological Thought; Anth 500, Foundations in Anthropological Theory and Method; and Anth 602, Problems in Cultural Anthropology.) She also teaches the first course in the cohorted online Master’s in Humanities Program for CSUN.

Dr. von Mayrhauser’s current research focus is community wellbeing. Her current focus is on community-based music practice and its potential for giving voice to, mitigating and possibly even preventing social isolation.

The potential for community music and other forms of local social action to reduce social isolation and precarity experienced by vulnerable community members has inspired Dr. von Mayrhausers current search for welcoming host communities who use music outreach to lessen the sense of dislocation experienced by incomers while integrating into a circle of care that may also include other social and health-related care. This search has taken her to Scotland so far and she is actively looking for case examples here at home too.

Lessons learned from these case studies will become a foundation for future research that integrates Dr. von Mayrhauser’s own community music experiences with her previous community health-based research examining treatment outcomes for individuals suffering with methamphetamine abuse.

Selected Publications and Presentations

“Two-year Outcomes of Treatment for Methamphetamine Use.”  In Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 2006, 38(4), SARC Suppl. 3: 415-426 (with M L. Brecht, L. Greenwell, M.D. Anglin)

"Methamphetamine Use Behaviors and Gender Differences.”  In Journal of Addictive Behaviors 2004, 29(1):89-106. (with M.L. Brecht and L. Greenwell)

 “Use Ecology and Drug Use Motivations of Methamphetamine Users Admitted to Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities in Los Angeles: An Emerging Profile.” In Journal of Addictive Diseases [American Society for Addiction Medicine] 2002, 21(1):45-60.  (with M.L. Brecht and M.D. Anglin)

“Differences Between Ecstasy-Using and Non-Using Methamphetamine Users.” In Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 2002, 34(2):215-223. (with M.L. Brecht)

“Predictors of Relapse After Treatment for Methamphetamine Use.”   In Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 2000, 32(2): 211-219.  (with M.L. Brecht and M.D. Anglin)

Dr. von Mayrhauser welcomes students, colleagues and community members to reach out and talk more about ending social isolation for vulnerable people in our midst through community music outreach and other integrated forms of social and health care.  Her email is


Ph.D., Anthropology, UCLA (sociocultural anthropology with additional completion of specialized program in medical/psychological anthropology)

M.A., Anthropology, UCLA (sociocultural)

A.B. cum laude, Anthropology, Harvard College (social anthropology)

Courses Taught

Anthropological Thought (ANTH 303)

Language and Culture (ANTH 310)

Culture, Health and Healing (ANTH 425)

Economic Anthropology (ANTH 451)

Ethnographic Research Methods (ANTH 475)

Music and Migration (ANTH 490c seminar)

Foundations in Anthropological Theory and Method (ANTH 500)

Problems in Cultural Anthropology(ANTH 602)

She also teaches the first course in the cohorted online Master’s in Humanities Program for CSUN.