Africana Studies

Prospective Students


Greetings prospective students:

Welcome to Africana Studies!  If you are considering a major in Africana Studies, we invite you to navigate our website to learn about our three curricular options, search our current course offerings, review our exciting recent and upcoming campus events, read our faculty and staff bios, discover student accomplishments, research and publication opportunities, and much more.
There are a wealth of intellectual, research, and community engagement opportunities available to you in the Department of Africana Studies.  Stop by our main office in Santa Susana Hall 221.  Meet and talk with our majors and minors. Observe a class or attend one of our annual symposia, campus events, film series, or monthly lectures. We are certain you will find both an academic home and welcoming community in Africana Studies at CSUN, one of the first Black Studies Departments in the nation.
As an interdisciplinary department, Africana Studies enables undergraduate students to specialize in the social sciences, humanities, cultural studies or urban education, gain a strong foundation in the principles of an African-centered thought and philosophy, learn the key principles and debates in the discipline of Africana Studies, and engage with global issues affecting Africana peoples, communities, and cultures.  With twelve full-time faculty members who are committed to teaching, scholarship, and activism, our department is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

The discipline of Africana Studies is relevant to the twenty-first century job market.  We are proud to report that our graduates pursue careers in law, primary, secondary, and higher education, sociology, psychology, entertainment, criminal justice, history, literature, medicine, government, theatre, marketing, business, art, science, technology, athletics, music, public health, fashion, politics, journalism, and obtain graduate degrees in these fields and many others.  Our course offerings provide academic breadth with an emphasis on Africana experience and thought, preparing our students for graduate studies and careers in a broad spectrum of fields while equipping them with a superb cultural literacy.
The Department of Africana Studies provides students an opportunity to develop as scholars and engaged community members.  Indeed, community engagement is a central pillar of our department. Students develop as critical thinkers inside the classroom and apply those analytical skills to the world around them to champion justice and liberation of Africana peoples and cultures.  The rich tradition of student activism has been a hallmark of our department since its historic founding in 1969.

We strongly encourage you make Africana Studies your intellectual home and community at CSUN.  For further information about declaring the major or minor, please contact our academic advisors: Dr. Cedric Hackett or Dr. Aimee Glocke.  You may also access the major declaration form (pdf.).