Africana Studies

CSUN Celebrates Black History Month with Virtual Events

February 2, 2021

The official poster for Black History Month 2021 – theme is “Celebrating Black Excellence: Resiliency and Creativity in the Digital Space.”


California State University, Northridge plans to host multiple virtual Black History Month events to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the Black community.

Organizations across campus, including the Department of Africana Studies, the CSUN Library and the University Student Union, will hold special online events during the month of February. The theme of this year’s festivities and celebrations is “Celebrating Black Excellence: Resiliency and Creativity in the Digital Space.”

“Our intention  is always to heighten our guests’  awareness to the  long, rich  and checkered history of people of African descent,” said Theresa White, chair of CSUN’s Department of Africana Studies. “Although we celebrate our heritage every day, this past year has forced our community to think deeply about political, racial and social issues of inequality and injustice, as we tapped into the deepest part of our being in order to thrive in the virtual space in the middle of one of the worst global tri-pandemics [health, economic and racial/social inequities] in modern history. But thrive, we have!  

“We are fortunate to have dedicated, passionate, committed faculty, staff and students on our campus who are steadfast in pushing forward in the most trying of circumstances,” White continued. “This year’s theme points our energy in a direction that honors our resiliency.”

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