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Haiti International Film Festival

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 11:00am

Armer Theatre
$10 for Students | $20 for General Public

A Black History Month Event

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The Haiti International Film Festival consists of three feature documentaries about Haitian Americans telling their authentic stories of their struggle with their dual identity of being Haitian and American. All three Haitian films are award-winning documentaries at various film festivals.

"Culture Clash" Documentary Logo11:00 AM

Culture Clash - Caught between two cultures
Film by Film by Jean-René Rinvil

This film features how well young people meld into their new America identity and what contributions Caribbean American make to American society. Second-generation children often come into conflict with their immigrant parents because they adopt more of American culture and break away from the traditions of their parents because they adopt more of American culture and break away from the traditions of their parents.

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"Lakay" Documentary Logo and Image

5:00 PM

Lakay - You can always go home
Film by Film by Tirf Alexius

After the 2010 earthquake, Haiti is in ruins, towns are destroyed, and families have been displaced. Lakay tells the story of two brothers, Alexius and Romeo, who are on a mission to locate and find their loved ones. Drawn back to Haiti by the devastation, these filmmakers reveal the tragedy caused by this natural disaster from an intimate and personal perspective.

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7:00 PM

La Belle Vie - The Good Life- You can always go home
Film by Film by Rachelle Salnave

"La Belle Vie" Documentary PosterLa Belle Vie: The Good Life is a story about a Haitian-American filmmaker, Rachelle Salnave’s journey to discover her Haitian roots by examining the complexities of the Haitian society as it pertains to the overall political and economic dichotomy in Haiti. Using her own personal family stories interconnected with capturing the voices of Haitians and experts overall, this film chronologically uncovers the rationale behind its social class system but also how it has affected the Haitian American migration experience as well. With the proliferation of political turmoil, poverty, and now an Earthquake shattered nation, La Belle Vie: The Good Life in the end beckons all to lay down their arms, be it the tangible weapons of death and pain or the psychological and spiritual tools of division and prejudice, and work as one to rebuild and prosper in the name of a new and stronger Haiti.

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 Haitian Magical Realism Art Show

Curated by Jacquil Constant and Carine Fabius
CSUN | Manzanita Hall Gallery, 2nd Floor | Feb 20th – Mar 10th

 The festival is sponsored by the College of Cinema, Television, and Art (CTVA) , and the department of Africana Studies.

Communication services (sign language interpreters, note takers) are available for this event. Requests for services must be submitted at least five (5) working days in advance. Please contact Dr. Cedric Hackett, at or call (818) 677-3311.

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