Africana Studies

1st Annual Afrocentric Student Research Conference

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

USU Lakeview Terrace
Afrocentric Student Research Conference Flyer. Black woman with African textiles in background
Original artwork by BreAnna Willis


Please join us for the 1st Annual Afrocentric Student Research Conference. The theme for this inaugural year is Black-Beautiful Liberating Activists Cultured Knowledge.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Allen Lipscomb, Assistant Professor of Social Work at CSUN. Dr. Lipscomb will address the conference with his dynamic research on “Black Action Research: Speaking Truth Through Anti-Oppressive Research Methodologies."

This year, 19 CSUN undergraduate and graduate students will present their research exploring various dynamics of Africana peoples and communities. Employing culturally compatible research methodologies, students engage diverse research areas in an attempt to empower and liberate Africana communities.

Conference Program

12:00 PM Registration and Refreshments

12:00 PM Welcome Remarks
     Dr. Marquita Gammage, Associate Professor, Conference Director

12:05 PM Keynote Address
     Presenter: Dr. Allen Lipscomb, Assistant Professor of Social Work

12:45 PM Session I: Afri-cation vs. Miseducation
     USU Lakeview Terrace Room

Session II: Divide and Conquer: Black Women and Colorism
     USU Pasadena Room

1:40 PM Session III. Health is Wealth: The Impact of Health Injustices on Black Lives
      USU Lakeview Terrace Room

Session IV. Lights, Camera, Action: Decoding False Narratives of Black Representations
     USU Pasadena Room

2:35 PM Session V. Scorned, Silenced but Surviving: Community Healing and Recovery
     USU Lakeview Terrace Room

Session VI. "Big Bank Take Little Bank:" Black Women and Business
     USU Pasadena Room

3:30 PM Closing Remarks
     Africana Studies Department

Communication services (sign language interpreters, note takers) are available . Requests for services must be submitted (5) working days in advance. Contact Laura Ontiveros via email or call (818) 677-3311.