Africana Studies

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About the Sistahood Group

“The notion of Sistahood support is more than a concept; it embodies a tradition of AAFS participating in a community embracement of cultural roots, which promotes positive ethnic identity and self-confidence.  In other words, the sense of “us-ness” is born of a caring environment that sustains the individual so that she can make meaning and gain purpose through a collective fellowship and sound ethnic ties (Bourke, 2010; Williams, 2005).  This cultural community & support network (aka, Sistahood support) becomes a haven for student participants to help them prevent social marginalization.”

A vital component of the community is for African American female students to embrace their ethnic culture as a means of promoting self-confidence and emotional well-being, with the following purpose: 

  • Increase peer connections within the CSUN campus community.
  • Increase awareness of positive ethnic identity through group bonding.
  • Increase self-confidence through group participation.
  • Receive validation and grow from the sharing of similar stories.
  • Adopt new techniques for coping with life’s challenges in a space to grow.
  • Increase retention as an outcome of substantive relationships within the group.
  • And, if needed, receive direct referrals to University Counseling Services and other campus resources.