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SME Student Chapter S327

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has a rich and evolving heritage spanning more than 80 years. We serve the manufacturing industry as a nonprofit by promoting advanced manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce. And, we work closely with manufacturers to share knowledge and resources that generate solutions meeting industry demands.

Vision: An inspired, educated, and prosperous manufacturing community.

Mission: Promote manufacturing technology and develop a skilled workforce.

Purpose: Advance manufacturing and attract future generations.

SME student chapter number S327 at the California State University, Northridge is a professional society dedicated to the advancement of the scientific knowledge in the field of manufacturing engineering. SME student membership is open to any student who wishes to take part in the activities of the student chapter.

Our SME 327 student chapter is also a part of the South Bay Area No. 153 chapter and becoming a member of the CSUN SME chapter automatically grants membership to the larger South bay SME chapter.

CSUN Society of Manufacturing Engineers - Student Chapter S327
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