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Student Life and Support: Graduate Students

The comprehensive resource and services list below have been created with new and continuing Graduate Students at CSUN in mind to help ensure that you have access to campus information intended to assist you in successfully navigating through your graduate program.

Graduate Student Orientation, Handbook, and Forms

Writing Your Thesis, Graduate Projects and Dissertation Support


Getting Involved / Student Leadership

Expand your skills by taking on a leadership role

Serve your community by

Gain valuable experience by

Connect with others by

Health and Wellness

Your Health Center

Personal Counseling Services

Recreation & Relaxation

  • Stay active; anytime, anywhere!  Find live and on-demand intramural, individual and group exercise programs at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) 
  • Stay relaxed and revived amid the rush and activity of university life. The Oasis Wellness Center provides live and on demand content to help you meditate, managing stress and more. 

Food and Housing Security


  • You@CSUN is an interactive online well-being platform intended to enhance your mental health, physical wellness, happiness and academic success. 

Getting Help & Support

Classroom Assistance, Academic Support & More

Saftey, Advocacy & Legal Support

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family

International Student Support

Financial Matters

Connecting with Your Community, Cultural Centers and More

Are you looking to connect with a community of students or a cultural group you identify with and who can support you through your journey? Check out the groups below: 


 Living In Housing? – Connect with your community within the residence halls

  •  Latinas Rising             
  • Black Male Initiative 
  • We Are Pride 
  • Black Girl Magic 
  •  First Gen 
  • Hood Scholars 
  • Asian/Pacific Islander (API) Advocates   



What is YOU@CSUN? 

Read below or check out this one-minute video: YOU at College Overview Video


YOU@CSUN is a comprehensive online well-being platform intended to enhance your mental health, physical wellness, happiness and academic success. It personalizes your unique needs and provides opportunities to check in with yourself, set goals, explore strengths and areas for growth.   If you are a new or returning graduate student here at CSUN, YOU@CSUN can help connect you to campus resources, as well as access additional resources specifically for graduate students, across three domains: 

  • Succeed:   academics, career path, learning style and leadership
  • Thrive:    personal well-being, including physical and mental health
  • Matter:  purpose, community and social connections


How do I use YOU@CSUN?

You can connect with YOU@CSUN on your laptop, tablet or phone, at a time that is convenient for YOU!  It is available 24/7/365.  To get started, you will first want to create your own Personal Profile and take the Reality Checks for each of the three domains (Succeed, Thrive, and Matter).  By creating a personal profile and completing these brief assessments, the YOU platform will customize content and resources for you!  

Get started now.

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