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Special Pay Faculty Pre-Hire Processing
Out of State Employee
(Please print this form Landscape)

This form is to be completed by the department for new or rehired special pay faculty who need an active CSUN ID and job record. This form may only be used for the job codes list below. Please forward this form with completed sign-in documents to the Office of Human Resources, University Hall Room 165, Mail Code 8229.

Person Effective Date: Appointment Effective Date: Appointment Expected End Date:
Last Name: First Name: M.I.:
College Of: Dept Name: Dept ID:
Reports To: Reports to Position #:
Employee's Position Management #:

10398 AZ 8401 (Rolls to 10258)   Job Code: Unit Rate: Position:
10399 FL 8401 (Rolls to 10258)   2322 EXTWTU Units/10ths of Units Instructional Faculty - Special Programs (credit)
10400 IL 8352 (Rolls to 10258)   2323 EXTWTU Instructional Faculty - Extension (credit)
10401 KS 8352 (Rolls to 10258)
2356 HR/RTE Substitute Instructional Faculty - Extension
10403 NH 8352 (Rolls to 10258) 2363 HR/RTE Hours/Session/Course Instructional Faculty - Extension (non-credit)
10404 NJ 8352 (Rolls to 10258)   2457 EXTWTU By Session Instructional Faculty - Summer Session - State Support
10405 WA 8401 (Rolls to 10258)    
10406 MT 8352 (Rolls to 10258)  
10407 TX 8352 (Rolls to 10258) Note: 4660 Special Consultants with no active faculty position must be entered into Recruiting Solutions.

Approval (Signature of Dean, Associate Dean, or Manager of Academic Resources) _______________________________
Print Approver's Name: Date: ____________________
The Office of Human Resources will enter the job and create a CSUN ID once they have received this notice and the employee's completed Sign-In documents. Questions regarding this form may be directed to
OHRS 50-14 Rev.12/2011; Updated: 05/2019