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HR News Special Edition
Recognizing Early Exit Program Participants

Dear Colleagues:

We wanted to provide this opportunity for you to help us acknowledge the contributions made over the years by individuals who are participating in the Early Exit Program and will be separating from CSUN, many of them retiring. If you haven't already done so, please join us in reaching out and recognizing a colleague that you may have collaborated with over the years.

This list represents individuals who have been part of Team Matador between 10 and 45 years. Their dedication and efforts have helped shape CSUN into the great institution it has become. We appreciate their time on campus and their role in helping us educate our students, and wish them much happiness and success in their future plans.

Academic Affairs

  • Mary Ankeny, Undergraduate Studies
  • Joseph Antunez, Student Success
  • Joy Bartley, Office of the Provost
  • Deborakh Broadous, Africana Studies
  • Hedy Carpenter, Graduate Studies
  • Brenda Carter, Admissions & Records
  • Patti Lee Clark, Admissions & Records
  • Laura Clary, University Library
  • Judi Daleke, Deaf Studies
  • Patricia Faiman, Admissions & Records
  • Barbra Frye, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • Lynn Gabrielsen, Michael D Eisner College of Education
  • Linda Gharakhanian, Biology
  • Myron Hawthorne, College of Science and Mathematics/Science Shop
  • Barbara Hlinka, Institutional Research
  • Werner Horn, Mathematics
  • Rochelle Johnson Henderson, Admissions & Records
  • Kiran Kalra, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • Vasiliki Karras-Lazaris, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • William Krohmer, Biology
  • Shirley Lang, Research & Sponsored Programs
  • David Liu, Accounting & Information Systems
  • David Lopez, Sociology
  • Alice Lu, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • Concha Madrid Silva, Kinesiology
  • Ronald Mehler, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • David Miller, Accounting & Information Systems
  • Caroline Miranda, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • Rosemary Muniz, Admissions & Records
  • Anthony Nguyen, Michael D Eisner College of Education
  • Dat-Dao Nguyen, Accounting & Information Systems
  • Daniel Odom, Biology
  • Kathryn Peckham-Hardin, Michael D Eisner College of Education
  • Julia Potter, Tseng College of Extended Learning
  • Julia Riddle, Admissions & Records
  • Jo Runnion, Michael D Eisner College of Education
  • Mark Schaubert, Mike Curb College of Arts, Media & Communication
  • James Solomon, English
  • James Sweeters, Art Gallery
  • Holli Teltoe, University Library
  • Donna Van Helsland, Physical Therapy
  • Sharon Veralrud, Admissions & Records
  • Valdis Volkovskis, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Kelly Winkleblack Shea, History

Administration & Finance

  • Mark Adamiak, Athletics
  • Leslie Babrowicz, University Cash Services
  • William Belcher, Physical Plant Management
  • Imre John Boldis, Physical Plant Management
  • Joel Bond, Physical Plant Management
  • Steve Cantu, Physical Plant Management
  • Patricia Crespo, Financial Services
  • Rigoberto Diaz Sorto, Physical Plant Management
  • Alfredo Fernandez, Department of Police Services
  • Fred Garcia, Department of Police Services
  • Doris Glassberg, Purchasing and Contract Administration
  • Gail Hesse, Physical Plant Management
  • Joy Hillman, Facilities Planning
  • Darryl Johnson, Physical Plant Management
  • Vena Jordan, Department of Police Services
  • Thomas Katenay, Physical Plant Management
  • Sherry Lane, Human Resources
  • James Licano, Physical Plant Management
  • May Ligh, Financial Services
  • Astrid Logan, Department of Police Services
  • James Logsdon, Physical Plant Management
  • Lynn Marks, Human Resources
  • Anna Martinez, Physical Plant Management
  • Barry Mendes, Physical Plant Management
  • Guadalupe Nunez, Physical Plant Management
  • Isidro Ortiz, Physical Plant Management
  • Cynthia Paull, Risk Management
  • Anthony J. Pepe, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Bill Pinell, Physical Plant Management
  • Stephen Reeves, Physical Plant Management
  • Agripina Rodriguez, Physical Plant Management
  • Kathryn Rodriguez, Physical Plant Management
  • George Roupas, Physical Plant Management
  • Xenofon Roupas, Physical Plant Management
  • Maureen Shideh, Facilities Planning
  • Jeffrey Stork, Athletics
  • Teddie Tan, Physical Plant Management
  • Carla Turner, Human Resources

Information Technology

  • Sondra Baier, Administrative Application Development
  • Donald Foster, Operations
  • Keith Holland, Classroom and Media Services
  • Nels Samuelson, Administrative Application Development
  • Homer Temple, Telecommunications Services
  • Barrington Walker, Telecommunications Services

Office of the President

  • Jill Smith, President's Office

Student Affairs

  • Charnae Bailey, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Maria Barajas, Residential Life
  • Ellen Bauersfeld, Klotz Student Health Center
  • Linda Brignoni, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Bernarda Chavez, Residential Life
  • Shawn Clark, National Center on Deafness
  • Kristal Gordon, Klotz Student Health Center
  • Stephen Housel, Residential Life
  • James Macaluso, National Center on Deafness
  • Mariana McDonell, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Robert Earl Richards, Associated Students Accounting
  • Paulette Robbins, Student Outreach & Recruitment
  • Cecille Robison, Office of the Vice President
  • Arturo Serrano, Residential Life
  • William Silver, Klotz Student Health Center
  • Glenn Storey, Residential Life

Thank you.


Kristina de la Vega, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources
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