Presentations and Outreach

Matadors 4 Wellness Presentations

Health educators and our Matadors 4 Wellness peer health educators are available to tailor health presentations to suit the needs of the classroom, residential life, clubs and organizations. Topics Include:

Happiness: Making Happiness Happen (30min)
Strategies to help students achieve happiness by building resilience, promoting self-care, and embracing gratitude. Attendees will participate in hands-on activities. Resources will be highlighted.

Centering with Scents: Relaxation through Aromatherapy (30min)
Introduces students to the use of essential oils for relaxation and stress management. Attendees will participate in a hands-on aromatherapy and guided meditation session.

Sexual Health Matters: Know the Basics (30min)
Learn the basics of sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention and contraception. Resources will be highlighted.

StressLESS Matadors: Managing Stress for Academic Success (60min)
Learn tips and techniques to help combat the stressors of college life. Attendees will participate in stress management exercises. Campus resources will be highlighted.

Sleep Smart: An EaZZZy Guide to Sleep Hygiene (60min)
Learn tips and techniques to promote good quality sleep needed to thrive in college. Attendees will participate in hands-on activities. Campus resources will be highlighted.

Mata"door" to Wellness: The Way to Being Well (60min)
Focuses on 6 key areas of college health and wellness, including stress, sleep, substance use, sexual health, nutrition, and exercise. Campus resources will be highlighted.

Healthy Eating: What’s on the Menu? (60min)
Basic overview of healthy eating to help students thrive in the classroom and beyond. Campus resources will be highlighted.

College Students & Drug Use: What Every Matador Needs to Know (60min)
Facts and myths about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Topics include: standard drink size, alcohol poisoning, safer partying tips, hookah, e-cigarettes, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse.

To request a workshop for your classroom, club or organization, contact Gabbi Nguyen at: or 818-677-3685. These workshops are also offered regularly at the Oasis Wellness Center. Please check the Oasis Wellness Center website for dates and times.

To request a presentation, please use the Presentation Request Form

Klotz Student Health Center orientations

Orientations are available for students, staff and faculty by appointment. Orientations are a great way for individuals new to campus to learn about available services.

To arrange an orientation, call (818) 677-6328.