Welcome to Fall 2022!

September 19, 2022

Welcome to Fall 2022!

The start of a new semester brings opportunities to socialize with old and new friends.  We hope you are enjoying campus life and learning how to successfully navigate social spaces.  To assist in that regard, we are reaching out to provide a few suggestions to help keep you, your friends, and those around you safe.

When you socialize, make a plan:

  • Bring the essentials:  ID, a charged phone, money, emergency or safety phone numbers.
  • Make sure you know where you’re going and a safe route home.
  • Use the buddy system and stay with the people you go out with.  Never leave with anyone you don’t know. 
  • Tips for safe consumption of alcohol are available at Alcohol Awareness.  Whether or not you drink alcohol, remember to protect your drink.  Get your own drink and watch it be opened, poured, or mixed.  Don’t give anyone an opportunity to slip something in your drink.    
  • Alcohol and other drugs should not be mixed as together they can cause dangerous effects.
  • If you notice someone engaging in risky drinking, watch for signs of alcohol poisoning.   If you are concerned about alcohol poisoning, don’t wait, call 911.

For safe partying tips, contact Gabbi Nguyen, Health Educator at the Klotz Student Health Center, at (818) 677-3666. 

Have a safe and enjoyable semester. We are here to help!




Dr. Steve Silver, Psychologist and Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor

Marianne Link, Assistant Director, Klotz Student Health Center

Dr. Julie Pearce, Director, University Counseling Services

Mark Benavidez, Deputy Chief, Department of Police Services

Roger Chapman-Custer, Interim Manager for Residential Life