Smoking Cessation Education (SCE) at the Klotz SHC

May 21, 2020

The sessions with the Smoking Cessation Educator are free, which include a review of your smoking/nicotine use, triggers, and quit strategies, and developing a plan to support your success. The SCE will provide recommendations suited to your individual needs. If you choose to use non-prescription Nicotine replacement products, the SHC will provide them free of charge during the duration of the sessions with the SCE. If you opt to use a prescription medication for smoking cessation, a referral to a SHC clinician will be made by the SCE. There is no charge to see the clinician, but there will be a charge for the prescription medication. We also welcome patients who are not quite ready to quit, but are interested in learning about the process. Please call  (818) 677-3666 option 1 to schedule an appointment.