Science Teaching Series

Internet Resources

I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Anatomy and Physiology


Human Anatomy

  1. Biodidac- A bank of digital resources for teaching biology
  2. Anatomy Atlases - Links to popular anatomy atlases
  3. Innerbody - Clickable online atlas
  4. Visible Human Project (National Institute of Health)
  5. The Structure of the Human Body - On-line anatomy atlas with many pictures.
  6. Virtual Body - Presentations of the various parts and functions of the human body.
  7. Exploratorium - Anatomy and physiology resources for educators
  8. Gray's Anatomy - Anatomical Atlas
  9. Vesalius - Surgical education
  10. Visible Human Browsers - Anatomical Visualization, Inc.

Medical Images

  1. Medpix - Medical Image Database
  2. Public Health Image Library - From Centers for Disease Control

Nervous System and Senses

  1. Senses - Vision, Hearing, Touch, Gustation, Olfaction
  2. Brain Atlas - The Whole Brain Atlas from Harvard University.

Cardiovascular System

  1. Heart - The Franklin Institution's introduction to the heart.
  2. ECG library - An electrocardiogram (ECG / EKG) is an electrical recording of the heart
  3. Physiology of the cardiovascular system - online book

Muscular System

  1. Muscle Atlas University of Washington online atlas of muscles

Skeletal System

  1. The Structure of the Human Body - On-line anatomy atlas with many pictures.
  2. Medpix - Medical Image Database

Medical and Health Science

  1. Martindale's Health Science Guide - Extensive guide to Internet Medical Resources.
  2. National Institutes of Health - Access to many federal health related resources.
  3. Center for Disease Control - Access disease related information from the federal clearinghouse.
  4. Medicine Teaching Resources - Links to many medicine education sites from the Discovery Channel.