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Travel: For faculty and postdocs who are travelling on official University business, please fill out the pre-authorization travel form. For more information about travel in general, please consult University Corporation Guidelines if you are using Corporation funds or  CSUN Travel Guidelines if you are using State funds.

Note: the forms for the two are different. You can get the Corporation forms in the link above while for State funds, they want everything done through eTravel. For eTravel, log in to your portal and click on the second tab "Staff" at the top left. Everything related to eTravel is in the "Employee eTravel Center" link under the "CSUN Travel" box on the right of this page.

For students who are travelling on official University business, you may fill in reimbursement forms after your travel. Please see the Department Office about this.

Guest Lectures: To pay guest lecturers for their presentations, please fill out the Special Lecture Form.

External Services: To pay external vendors for services rendered, please fill out this form: Vendor Data Record

Field Trips: Students who go on field trips and are reimbursed wholly or partially by the Department is considered to be travelling on official University business. For this Academic Field Trip Forms and FAQs, refer to Field Trip FAQ

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