College of Science and math/Dean's Office

Earth Day Family Sustainability Showcase

May 3, 2017

For Earth day, Professor d’Alessio and his colleagues hosted our Family Sustainability Showcase funded with a grant from LADWP. Nearly 1,200 students and family members came, along with 2 city council members, a school board member, and representatives from Sen. Kamala Harris’s office and multiple school district offices. We’ve spent all school year working regularly with 36 K-12 teachers  from across the valley, teaching them about energy and water resources and helping them bring environmental science curriculum into their classrooms using the state’s new science standards. We provided classroom equipment such as kill-a-watt meters (to measure energy use) and other tools, trained teachers on their use, and wrote grade-level-specific curriculum for them to adapt and utilize. The finale was the sustainability projects their students pursued and presented at our Showcase, science-fair-style. The projects were impressive, and it was so inspiring to see so many students exhibiting the ways they’ve made their campuses greener, measured energy & water use in their homes and schools, and designed new solutions to help solve local sustainability problems. Click here for pictures!