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  1. View Our Offered Summer 2014 Classes
  2. Revised List of Electives for B.S.Option 2 (Statistics):

The list of electives for the Statistics option has been updated. For details see our BS Program Option.

The revised list of electives is:

MATH 366, 450, 455, 480, 481AB, 482, 540, 542ABCD, 581
FIN 303, 355, 431
ECON 409
MKT 346
PSY 485US/USS, 520/L, 524/L
SOM 467, 591

Students must choose at least 3 course from the above list with the consent of their advisor.

3. Important information regarding enrollment in Math 102, 104, 105, 150AB, 255AB: Beginning in the Fall 2011 semester, prerequisites for these classes will change. View the summarized Fall 2011 semester prerequisites.

4. Pathways to Calculus: The following flowchart helps you identify the various possible pathways to your first Calculus courses (Math 150A or Math 255A). 

5. Opportunity for graduating seniors who are math majors or minors (and for alumni):
The CSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program aims to prepare post-baccalaureate and STEM professionals with strong math backgrounds to become Teaching Fellows (TFs). TFs will earn master's degrees in mathematics or mathematics education and single subject mathematics teaching credentials, and participate in professional development activities while teaching in high-need school districts. Five-year commitments will be made by TFs. During this period, they will earn stipends and/or salary supplements in the amount of $15,000 per year the first three years and $10,000 per year during years four and five while working closely with a developing community of CSUN faculty, local teacher leaders, and preservice teachers. View details and application materials for the CSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program.

6. Opportunity for juniors, seniors and math or science credential students:
The Noyce Scholar Program is for junior and senior mathematics or science majors and single subject math and science Credential students who are preparing to become secondary teachers and have GPAs of at least 2.8 in in the last 30 semester units. Scholarship recipients will receive up to $10,000 each year for up to 2 years. All scholars will participate in an ongoing Noyce Seminar at CSUN. Scholars must agree to teach for two years in a high-need school district for each year of scholarship support. View details and application materials for the Noyce Scholar Program.

Please direct questions to: Kellie Michele Evans Professor, Department of Mathematics California State University, Northridge

a) The PUMP Seminar may be used to satisfy the Math 493 requirement in the BA/BS option for the post 2008 catalog;
b) The PUMP Seminar may NOT be used as a math elective for ANY of the undergraduate math options.

8. Please download a copy of the Advisement Hard Hold Release form from the Undergraduate Advisement web page and take it to your advisor for her/his signature (use the forms link from the resources list on the right).