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Matador Math Society


Our club serves as a community for mathematics undergrads and grad students, and it also serves the purpose of creating synergetic networking between math and non-math CSUN students. To stay informed and to hear about upcoming events, make sure that you're subscribed to one of the math department's listservs. If you're not, then our Facebook page should be an effective substitute.Or contact one of the club officers, listed below, for more information. Thank you for your interest in the MMS!

This page was last updated: May 2016

 Current Club Officers

Samuel Lurie, PresidentSecond Bachelors, Pure Mathematicssamuel dot lurie at my dot csun dot edu
Jake Sapozhnikov, Vice PresidentGraduate Student, Pure Mathematicsdefen38 at gmail dot com

Spring 2016 Schedule of Events

3Fsocial event
4FColloquium: Professor Schilling
Sequential Partitioning (or "How to Cut a Cake When You Don't Know How Many Pieces You'll Need")
4Sathike with Professors Shubin, Alekseenko, and Schilling
Rocky Peak Trail (photo)
5FColloquium: Professor Li
Diversity can improve infectious disease management
6Fsocial event
7FColloquium: Professor Ábrego
The rectilinear local crossing number of the complete graph
8MPi Day Celebration (hosted by WISE)
8Fmeeting cancelled due to spring break
9FColloquium: Professor Metzenberg (biology dept.)
A "Bolzmannian" theory of biological evolution
10FTikZ tutorial taught by James Mathias
download slides (.pptx) and examples (.tex)
11FIntegration Contest
download the problems and answers
12FColloquium: Professor Evans
An Introduction to Cellular Automata with Larger than Life Examples
13FR tutorial taught by Vanessa Klotzman

instructions to prepare for this talk
download the slides
14Fcolloquium by Andrea Fidell
the slides

AND trivia game led by Jake Sapozhnikov
15Fmeeting cancelled due to final exams

Fall 2015 Schedule of Events

Week 4Colloquium: Professors Shubin and Alekseenko, with Alan
Week 5meeting cancelled due to the Graph Drawing conference
Week 6Trivia Game led by Jake Sapozhnikov
Week 7Colloquium: Professor Toth, title: Approximation algorithms for TSP with neighborhoods
Week 8Colloquium: Professor Cynthia Flores, of CSU Channel Islands
download slides
Week 9Colloquium: Professor Mayya Tokman, of UC Merced
Week 10LaTeX tutorial led by James Mathias
download slides and LaTeX template
Week 11Trivia Game organized by Jake Sapozhnikov
Week 12Colloquium: Dr. Lae Kim, of UCLA
Mathematical Models of PTSD
Week 13Colloquium: Dr. Yao-Li Chuang, of UCLA
Week 14meeting cancelled due to Thanksgiving
Week 15meeting cancelled due to final exams

2014 - 2015 Club Officers

Julia Dandurand, PresidentSenior, Pure Mathematicsjulia dot dandurand dot 7 at my dot csun dot edu
Sam Fleischer, Vice PresidentSenior, Pure MathematicsSamuel dot fleischer dot 746 at my dot csun dot edu
Jake Sapozhnikov, Special Events CoordinatorGraduate Studentdefen38 at gmail dot com
Raemeon Cowan, Local Events CoordinatorSenior, Pure Mathematicsraemeon dot cowan dot 183 at my dot csun dot edu
Yauheniya Lahoda, TreasurerJunior, Applied Mathematics and Statisticsyauheniya dot lahoda dot 428 at my dot csun dot edu
Lauren White, NutritionistSenior, Pure Mathematicslauren dot white dot 942 at my dot csun dot edu
Sangman Lee, HistorianSopohomore, Pure MathematicsSnagman dot lee dot 145 at my dot csun dot edu