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    Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics. There are several options within each degree.

The BA has two options. Option I offers a general preparation in all fields of undergraduate mathematics. This option is very versatile and allows students either to prepare for a graduate program (with appropriate electives) or for many other carreers. Option II is specifically designed for students who want to pursue a single subject credential in mathematics.

The BS degree has three options. Option I provides students with the necessary course work to prepare them for graduate work in mathematics. Students have the choice of both pure and applied electives in this option. Option II prepares students for careers in statistics. Option III is a program in Applied Mathematical Sciences. It has a rather narrow core and allows great flexibility for the program to optimally fit the students career goals. Because of this flexibility this program is uniquely suited for students who choose to double major in mathematics and another field.

All options have the following lower division courses as a core requirement: MATH 150A/B, MATH 250, MATH 262 PHYS 220A, PHYS 220AL COMP 106/L or COMP 110/L.

Graduate Programs

The Mathematics Department offers Masters of Science degrees in two distinct options: Mathematics (Option I) and Applied Mathematics (Option II).

Options I and II prepare a student for further graduate work, higher mathematical work in industry, business and government, and for teaching at community colleges. Graduates from these two Options have entered and completed Ph.D. programs in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics throughout the country. Many have also chosen careers as full-time faculty members in Community Colleges or obtained positions in industry and business.

Option I: This program concentrates on Pure Mathematics and is primarily designed to prepare students for community college teaching, entry level positions in industry, or future graduate work in mathematics.
Option II: This program emphasizes Applied Mathematics and is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in industry, business, government, or for future graduate work in applied mathematics.