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CSUN alumna wins 2016 GSA Donath Medal

October 25, 2016

Whitney Behr

Congratulations to Whitney M. Behr, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Austin on being awarded the 2016 Donath Medal by the Geological Society of America. The Donath medal, GSA’s Young Scientist Award is given annually to outstanding achievement in contributing to geologic knowledge through original research that marks a major advance in the earth sciences. Dr. Behr received her B.S. from the CSUN department of Geological Sciences and then went on to receive her PhD from USC.  Read more

Welcome Dr. Jen Cotton

August 26, 2016

Jennifer Cotton

Dr. Jen Cotton is a stable isotope geochemist with broad interests in climate and ecological change. Jen received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2013, focusing on using soils to reconstruct past climatic and environmental change. For her post doc she worked at both the University of Utah and Oregon State University using bison isotopes to understand the present and past grassland ecosystems and make predictions about future changes due to anthropogenic climate change. At CSUN she will continue work to reconstruct past terrestrial climatic and environmental change, first focusing on proxy development of small mammal isotopes for applications to Cenozoic climate change. Read more

Welcome Dr. Scott Hauswirth

August 25, 2016

Dr. Hauswirth

Dr. Scott Hauswirth is a hydrogeologist specializing in groundwater contamination. After obtaining his BS from Wesleyan University, he worked for a number of years in the environmental consulting industry conducting investigations and overseeing clean-up activities at contaminated sites. He returned to academia and obtained his PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014, where he continued as a postdoctoral research associate before joining the Department in the Fall of 2016. His past research focused on developing improved methods to clean-up contaminated sites, and on improving understanding of the behavior of hydraulic fracturing fluids in the subsurface. At CSUN, he will conduct research on the flow of non-Newtonian fluids in the porous materials—relevant to a range of environmental and industrial applications—and on the use of multicomponent fluids for the oxidative destruction of organic contaminants in the subsurface.  Read more

Welcome Dr. Julian Lozos to the Geology Department

August 24, 2016

Professor Lozos

Dr. Julian Lozos uses computer modeling to investigate the physics of earthquake rupture. He is particularly interested in how fault complexity affects the earthquake process, and on interactions between individual faults within a larger system. He completed his PhD at UC Riverside in 2013, and did postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley, USGS Menlo Park, and Stanford before coming to CSUN in 2016. He plans to continue modeling interactions between the strike-slip faults of the San Andreas system, as well as branching out into investigating the physics of dip-slip fault interactions, and into looking at real-world systems of faults outside of California. Read more


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