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CSUN Presents at PS-AAPG Meeting in Bakersfield

April 26, 2018


CSUN Students Chris Martinez and Ian Ruttenberg presented posters on their MS thesis research at the Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) meeting in Bakersfield in April 2018. An oral presentation given by Dr. Marsaglia at the meeting was coauthored by former students, Brenda Rodriguez and Natsumi Shintaku, and Dr. Dayanthie Weeraratne (CSUN). click here for photo and more info...

Welcome Dr. Priya Ganguli

December 11, 2017


Dr. Priya Ganguli studies the transport and fate of contaminants in aquatic environments, with a focus on mercury (Hg), nutrient, and carbon cycling. After completing her MS in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz, she worked on a variety of environmental remediation projects at the San Francisco Bay Water Board. She returned to UC Santa Cruz for her PhD in Earth Sciences (2008-2013), where she studied the influence of groundwater – seawater interaction on mercury toxicity and transport at the coastal margin. As a postdoctoral fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Intuition and UC Irvine, she explored mercury dynamics in coastal wetlands, as well as the drivers of mercury uptake at the base of the food web. At CSUN, Dr. Ganguli is part of the new Water Science Program. Her research program will continue to address questions regarding contaminant cycling at the land-sea margin (e.g., influence of land use and sea level rise). Additionally, she will explore the long-term effects of environmental remediation projects in both nearshore and terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., Malibu Lagoon, New Idria Mine).

Welcome Dr. Eileen Evans

December 11, 2017


Dr. Eileen Evans is a geophysicist specializing in geodesy, active tectonics and earthquakes. She recieved her PhD from Harvard University in 2014 and recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. Geological Survey. Eileen uses geodetic observations of the earth’s crust, including GPS and other satellite observations, to image the gradual accumulation of tectonic strain along faults, and the release of that strain as earthquakes. Her research focuses on mathematical and computational methods to model these observations and understand how tectonic behavior in between major earthquakes can inform our expectations of future events. At CSUN, she plans to investigate strain partitioning in complex fault systems and expand her research to include offshore and aerial observations.

CSUN's Great California ShakeOut Drill in the Daily News!

October 19, 2017


Click here to read about CSUN's ShakeOut in the Los Angeles Daily News.

Click here to see more photos from the Daily News.

Click here to see a video of the drill taken by Wes Woods from the Los Angeles Daily News.

On October 19, at 10:19 AM, the Geology Club led CSUN's Annual Great California ShakeOut Drill on the northeast Oviatt Lawn. The club and many volunteers were out in force all morning using informational boards and tables to provide safety information, engage students in educational games/activities, and raise community awareness about earthquake preparedness. Thank you to the Geology Club, the volunteers, and the faculty for doing such a wonderful job leading one of our most successful ShakeOut drills yet!

  Click here for more photos taken by the department!


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