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Employment/Internship/Fellowship Opportunities



Due Date


Entry Level Geotechnical Position

Full Time Employment

Email resume to George Peraza -

ASAP / Until Filled


Santa Cruz Mountains Reserve Director

Full Time Employment

April 18th, 2022


Staff Environmental Scientist/Geologist at Apex Companies, LLC

Full Time Employment

Website / Apply

ASAP / Until Filled


California Environmental - Entry Level Geologist/Environmental Scientist

Full Time Employment

 ASAP / Until Filled

Field Geologist at Shannon & Wilson, Inc

Full-Time Employment

Until Filled

Engineering Geologist at State of CA (Various Agencies)

Full-Time EmploymentVarious


Various Job Openings at Ninyo & Moore Geotechnical & Environmental Sciences Consultants

Full-Time EmploymentVarious



ORISE Research Participation Programs at the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



ORISE Internships and Fellowships



Professional Development Resources




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