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Recent Awards

Kathleen Marsaglia AAPG Grover E. Murray Distinguished Educator Award (2019)

Kathleen Marsaglia PS-SEPM Honorary Membership (2018)

Robinson Cecil and Joshua Schwartz Early Career: Acquisition of New Excimer Laser Ablation System for a High Resolution ICPMS Facility—NSF Instrumentation and Facilities Program (2017)

Elena Miranda NSF Collaborative Research: Strain Localization, Shear Zone Connectivity and Magma-Deformation Interactions by Depth within a 65 km thick transpressional continental arc (2017)

Matthew d’Alessio California Science Teachers Association Distinguished Contributions Award (Group award given to Dr. d'Alessio and the directors of the other 15 science project sites around the state.)

Kathleen Marsaglia CSUN Exceptional Service to Students Award (2015)

Kathleen Marsaglia Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists Distinguished Educator Award (2015)